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The Minnesota Zoo Foundation's primary purpose is to raise funds for the Minnesota Zoo. Founded in 1978, the Minnesota Zoo exists to connect people, animals, and the natural world. We are dedicated to inspiring guests to act on behalf of wildlife and wild lands. To accomplish this, we provide award-winning recreational, educational, and conservation programs, locally, nationally, and internationally.


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Funds granted to the zoo provide opportunities for people to connect with animals and the natural world through world-class exhibits; award-winning education programs; wildlife conservation initiatives; and activities that inspire people of all ages to get outside and connect with nature. Programs include the free to explore, which provides free access each year to an est. 90,000 adults and their families on public assistance, zoomobile which reaches 47 counties and over 50,000 people annually; zoo camp and stem education programs for more than 400,000 participants; exceptional animal welfare for the 4,900+ animals in the zoo's care, many of which are threatened or endangered in the wild; collaborative wildlife projects to protect pollinators, bison, mussels, and more; health and wellness programs for guests as they connect to nature; equity and inclusion initiatives through zoounlimited; and stewardship of 485 acres of forest, prairie, and lakes.


Funds granted to conservation projects around the world help the minnesota zoo and the minnesota zoo foundation fulfill their shared mission to save wildlife. The zoo is an international leader in tiger conservation in russia, malaysia, and sumatra; asian wild horse conservation in mongolia; and black rhino conservation in namibia. These projects also help to raise awareness for the plight of these species in their local communities. To date, grants have been made to more than 150 wildlife projects in more than 50 countries.


John Geisler Board Chair
Aimee Dayhoff Vice Chair
Paul Runice Board Treasurer
Chet Ellingson Board Secretary
Melinda Conness Director Finance/admin
Britt Calrson Outgoing Board Member
Grace Chou Board Member
Janis Clay Board Member
Chad Dayton Board Member
Eric Galler Board Member
Blake Grams Board Member
Bill Gray Board Member
Ed Heffernan Board Member
Joe Kalkman Board Member
Katy Marvin Kirchner Board Member
Mark Larsen Board Member
Tom Lindell Board Member
Dana Lindsay Board Member
Dustee Jenkins Board Member
Mark Mortenson Board Member
Timothy Mulcahy Board Member
Samantha Capen Muldoon Board Member
Anne Ouellette Board Member
Matt Pierre Board Member
Joe Ravens Board Member
Paul Reppenhagen Board Member
David Romans Board Member
David Schmidt Board Member
Beth Simermeyer Board Member
Anthony Grundhauser Executive Director - Partial Year
Ann Weber-smith Director Major Gifts
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