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The Morgan Library & Museum – formerly the Pierpont Morgan Library – is a museum and research library located at 225 Madison Avenue at East 36th Street in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. It was founded to house the private library of J. P. Morgan in 1906, which included manuscripts and printed books, some of them in rare bindings, as well as his collection of prints and drawings. The library was designed by Charles McKim of the firm of McKim, Mead and White and cost $1.2 million. It was made a public institution in 1924 by J. P. Morgan's son John Pierpont Morgan, Jr., in accordance with his father's will.

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The Morgan Library & Museum ("the Morgan") occupies a midtown Manhattan campus comprised of three landmarked buildings that are joined by pavilions constructed of steel-and-glass panels designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano. The Morgan houses one of the world's greatest collections of artistic, literary, musical, and historical works. Included in its holdings are original scores of Mozart and Beethoven, drawings by Rembrandt and Rubens, medieval and Renaissance works, three Gutenberg Bibles, literary manuscripts by Dickens and Twain, and five-thousand-year-old Near Eastern carvings. The Morgan recorded over 240,000 visitors in fiscal year 2018, primarily for a wide variety of changing exhibitions encompassing works from the Morgan's permanent collection and from other museums and libraries in the U.S. and abroad. Notable exhibitions in fiscal year 2018 included "Drawn to Greatness: Master Drawings from the Thaw Collection," "This Ever New Self: Thoreau and His Journal, and "Peter Hujar: Speed of Life." The Morgan's curators plan the exhibitions, oversee the permanent collection, prepare exhibition and collection-related catalogues, organize symposia, host graduate seminars, and provide research and other services to the scholarly community.The extraordinary group of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts; printed books and bindings; literary, historical, and music manuscripts; drawings and prints; and ancient cylinder seals that J. Pierpont Morgan brought together were among the first important collections of their kind in America and form what is today the core of the Morgan's holdings. (The collection now includes photography and modern and contemporary drawings as well.) In overall quality and importance, the collections are among the finest in the world. They now number more than 500,000 objects and are distinguished by the high percentage of items that are unique or exceptionally rare. The Morgan continues to acquire in the fields established by Pierpont Morgan and is one of only a handful of American institutions devoted to these specialized areas. The Drawing Institute, established in 2011, is devoted to the interpretation, conservation, and theory of old master and modern drawing with the goal of stimulating new lines of investigation and discourse. The Drawing Institute supports research through annual fellowships; publications;small, focused exhibitions; and an ongoing series of symposia, seminars, and lectures.

Library and Museum Services


The Morgan Library & Museum is one of nineteen independent research libraries in the United States and, as such, makes its collections available to qualified researchers for study on-site in the Sherman Fairchild Reading Room and Drawing Study Center. An online catalog of the collections is accessible at and assists researchers both on- and off-site. Active digitization and publication programs help to extend the reach of the Morgan's scholarly services and support study of the collections.The Morgan has had professional paper and book conservation facilities since the 1950s, when they were among the first such labs in the United States. The Morgan's conservation facilities were dramatically enhanced with the 2002 completion of the Thaw Conservation Center. The Morgan's conservators oversee the preservation of the collections and also undertake surveys and treatment projects of discrete collection areas. The collections consist almost entirely of works on paper and related porous supports (vellum, parchment, papyri), and the conservators have developed special expertise in the conservation, restoration, and repair of such objects. Both a working and teaching facility, the Thaw Center receives requests for assistance from institutions in the United States and abroad. It offers advanced internships in conservation techniques and practices.

Public Programs


In fiscal year 2018, 13,770 people attended a wide range of concerts, lectures, films, family programs and workshops, many by renowned artists and experts in their field. Music programming included concerts by numerous presenting organizations and performances inspired by the Morgan's exhibitions and collections. An active program of lectures and gallery talks primarily addressed themes related to exhibitions on view. Docents gave 708 tours of the Morgan's campus and exhibitions to over 11,323 visitors. The Morgan's school programs served 9090 K-12 students of diverse communities.


Lawrence R. Ricciardi President
Richard L. Menschel Vice President
Clement C. Moore Ii Vice President
George L. K. Frelinghuysen Treasurer
Thomas J. Reid Secretary
Jessica B. Ludwig Deputy Dir.& Asst.secretary
Kristina W. Stillman Dir. of Fin./adm & Asst. Treasurer
Susanna Borghese Trustee
T. Kimball Brooker Trustee
Flobelle Burden Davis Trustee
Karen B. Cohen Trustee
Brian J. Higgins Trustee
Jerker M. Johansson Trustee
Martha Mcgarry Miller Trustee
John A. Morgan Trustee
Patricia Morton Trustee
Diane A. Nixon Trustee
Gary W. Parr Trustee
Peter Pennoyer Trustee
Katharine J. Rayner Trustee
Annette De La Renta Trustee
Joshua W. Sommer Trustee
Robert King Steel Trustee
Beatrice Stern Trustee
Barbara Dau Trustee Ex Officio
Colin B. Bailey Director
Lauren Stakias Dir. of Institutional Advancement
Patrick Milliman Dir. of Marketing and Communications
John Bidwell Astor Curator, Dept Head, Cur. Chair
John J. Marciari Charles W Engelhard Curator and Dept Head
Eileen M. Curran Director of Events
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