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Morris Animal Foundation is a United States charity devoted to animal health. The Foundation advances veterinary medicine and is a global leader in funding veterinary research for companion animals, horses and wildlife.

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Animal Health Studies


The foundation funds researchers around the world who are solving critical health problems in animals from pets to wildlife. Our work is helping researchers in the field find cures for issues related to the mongolian saiga antelope, tasmanian devils, and viruses in elephants, as well as critical issues facing pets and shelter animals like feline infectious peritonitis.

Program Awareness


Morris animal foundation's mission is to improve the health and well-being of companion animals and wildlife by fundinghumane health studies and disseminating information about thesestudies. Raising awareness about the foundation's programs and impactis a critical component to fulfilling our mission. The foundation'swebsite provides a valuable resource for supporters, including a blogthat highlights organizational and study successes, campaigns anddonor/partner stories. The website also is used to promote retentionfor the organization's golden retriever lifetime study, the largest andlongest study ever undertaken in the united states to understand cancerin dogs. The foundation's "unite to fight pet cancer" campaign includeswebinars, downloadable information and articles to help pet owners learn more about how pets develop cancer and to raise awareness aboutcancer in pets. The organization also supports a volunteer-driven k9cancer walk program. The walk program significantly increases awarenessof the foundation's cancer research efforts and provides a way forsupporters to get involved within their communities. The organizationalso provides animal health information through an extensive directresponse program to donors, which includes direct mail, a quarterlyprint newsletter, an email newsletter program and educational webinars.


Walt George III Chair of the Board
Colin Giles Bvetmed Phd Mrcv Treasurer
David Morris Vice Chair
Patrick Long Dvm Secretary
Kathryn Holm Chief Operations Officer
Barbara Wolf Chief Scientific Officer
Debbie Davenport Dvm Ms Dacvim Trustee
Amy Eagle Thompson Trustee
Robert C. Gain Jr. Trustee
Wendy Knudsen Trustee
James Kutsch Jr. Phd Trustee
Richard Lichter Trustee
Jonna Mazet Dvm Mpvm Phd Trustee
Bette Morris Phd Trustee
Cynthia Morris Trustee
David Petrie Trustee
Richard Swanson Trustee
Jim Tedford Trustee
Stan Teeter Trustee
Robert Vetere Trustee
John Reddington President & CEO
Christine Orzechowski Director of Marketing/brand Strategy
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