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Embracing God’s call to serve in the world, Mosaic advocates for people with intellectual disabilities and provides opportunities for them to enjoy a full life. Mosaic's mission is to provide people with intellectual disabilities possibilities and the chance to make choices – a home, roommates, employment and how they engage with their community. We empower people to work and live a life of their choosing. Everything we do supports people with intellectual disabilities on their journey to a life of happiness and fulfillment. A life of possibilities.

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June 2019
+5% Growth
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Community based services provided to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are services that can either be on-going or intermittent such as respite, family support, foster care, physical therapies, transportation, and supported employment. Mosaic serves approximately 2,471 individuals across the united states under this service category.


Intermediate care facilities (icf)--icf services provide 24/7 support for very medically fragile individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Mosaic serves approximately 608 individuals across the united states under this service category.


Day and vocational services are provided to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a variety of ways including supported employment, work enclaves, vocational training and some sheltered workshops. Mosaic serves approximately 1,435 individuals across the united states under this service category.


Conrad T. Swanson Chairperson
James J. Olmsted Vice Chairperson
Linda K. Burt Second Vice Chairperson
The Rev Daniel Forehand Secretary
Linda Timmons President and CEO
Edward L. Barker Director
James S. Bowen Director
Michael Cooper-white Director
Megan Gustafson Director
Sandra Scott Director
Akash Sethi Director
Pamela Spadaro Director
Michelle Thompson Director
James P. Totsch Director
Scott Hoffman Treasurer and CFO
Sue Loerts SVP of Human Resources
Renee Coughlin SVP of Mission Advancement
Keith Schmode SVP of Mission Fulfillment
Joseph Lyons General Counsel
Angela Weis VP of Mission Support
Marlin Wilkerson SVP of Operations
Stacy Morton VP of Financial Operations
Katie Kelly VP of Information Technology
Molly Kennis VP of Operations
Kristin Rossow VP of Accounting
Heather Gunn VP of Mission Integration
Kim Ford VP of Operations
Kelly Hempel VP of Risk Management
Jason Davis VP of Business Intelligence
Andrea Ferrucci VP of Operations
Matthew Sheffield Senior Development Officer
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