Mosby Heritage Area Association Inc

Registered Name
Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area Association
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Founded in 1995, Mosby Heritage Area Association Inc is an arts, culture & humanities nonprofit focused on historical organizations. It is a relatively small organization, with $291k in revenue and 3 employees. Mosby Heritage Area Association Inc is headquartered in Marshall, VA and its chair is C. Dulany Morison as of December, 2019.


Annual Budget
December 2019
+2% Growth
Program Spending
Fundraising Spending
Management Spending



Promotion of the mosby heritage area through classes in schools from elementary to high school, as well as public lectures,book talks,conferences and the publication and distribution of educational materials.educational programs included in-classroom and on-site visits for 4,586 students and over 40 schools in 5 virginia counties. Public adult programs included 36 events attended by (1,104 plus special events) participants. Educational materials were distributed to all 4,586 students who attended a school program and additional educational materials are available at no cost online and at the rector house.


Marc Leepson Vice Chair
Douglass Lees III Treasurer
Torrey Wilkins Secretary
Jennifer Moore President
Wendy Bebie Director
Ashton Cole Director
Tara Connell Director
Joseph P. Dempsey Director
Jacob Dunning Director
Charles Ellison Director
Barry Freeman Director
Jeffrey Freeman Director
Jim Little Director
Patrick Mountain Director
Suzanne Obetz Director
Rob Orrison Director
Donald J. Owen Director
Tara Trout Director
C. Dulany Morison Chair
Source: IRS 990