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The north american association for environmental education supports leadership and excellence in environmental education, provides technical assistance to partner organizations, makes significant investments to advance the field, and builds the capacity of environmental educators in canada, the united states, and mexico. Our mission is to advance environmental literacy and civic engagement to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

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The North American Association for Environmental Education (naaee) Is the Professional Association for the Field of Environmental Education and Works To Support and Strengthen Environmental Education in North America and Beyond. We Have Three Key Strategic Objectives


Driving excellence, cultivating collect impact, and mobilizing multi-sector support. We are the lead on the new five-year national environmental education training program, called ee360, which is designed to help strengthen the field, support a field-wide technology platform, and train a cadre of educators to deliver high-quality environmental education programs. The new initiative kicked off in January 2017, and is a cooperative agreement with the u.s. Environmental protection agency and involves a consortium of non-profit and federal partners and advisors conducted a major portion of the activities for the u.s. Environmental protection agency. We also completed our role as a key partner in the former five-year national environmental education training project, which was called eecapacity (the previous training project was called eetap). As a major partner in the program, naaee provided the web portal for environmental education on the internet (ee-link) and helped develop a new portal called eepro; helped support certification efforts to strengthen quality in the field, working with our state affiliates; continued to promote the national guidelines for excellence in environmental education and help build capacity of professional environmental educators; and assisted state and regional environmental education associations with professional development and capacity building. We also continued to work on a new set of guidelines focused on community engagement, which was published in 2017. Naaee conducted a virtual conference in October 2017, given that hurricane maria devastated puerto rico and we were forced to cancel our annual conference. Naaee and its affiliate network have more than 20,000 members and supporters, and reach more than 150,000 professionals across north america and beyond. We send out eenews and eejobs twenty times a year, reaching more than 10,000 readers and also have an active social media presence through facebook, twitter, storify, and instagram. The natural start alliance is naaee's initiative to advance early childhood environmental education. The alliance helps support research in early childhood environmental education and advocate for policies that get young children outdoors playing and learning in nature, providing and promoting opportunities for educators to develop skills in early childhood environmental education, and building a professional network of educators who specialize in both early childhood and environmental education. The alliance includes more than 400 organizations, including more than 200 nature-based preschools, supports an annual conference to bring nature-based early childhood educators together, and hosts a variety of networking opportunities at the naaee annual conference. Since 2014, naaee has partnered with underwriters laboratories (ul), the renowned safety science company, to promote e-stem learning. E-stem integrates environmental education into stem learning. Naaee and ul launched the ul innovative education award, designed to promote outstanding nonprofit estem programs in the united states and canada. The program was designed to address the key themes, gaps, and challenges being conducted by nonprofit organizations that engage youth in stem through environmental education. We continued the program in 2017, announcing a new group of winning applicants. Naaee is the secretariat for the global environmental education partnership (geep), a network of countries working together to strengthen environmental education. Working with u.s. Epa and epa taiwan, as well as an expert global advisory group, naaee is helping to build capacity for environmental education in countries around the world by sharing best practices, convening thought leaders, creating a website for global interaction ( and promoting access to high quality resources and ideas. Naaee continued the ee 30 under 30 program, recognizing 30 talented and committed young people working to protect the environment through education, and we brought four of these outstanding leaders to the virtual conference to take part in a panel in washington, dc. Naaee is continuing to work on linking research to practice, and has partnered with stanford university on eeworks, a project to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the peer-reviewed research and communicate about the value and impact of the field.


Charlotte Clark President
Jeff Tarbert Vice President
Mary Ford Treasurer
Sue Mcguire Secretary
Steve Pemberton Director
Liz Fogel Director
Clark Byrum Director
Pepe Marcos-iga Director
Jaime Gonzalez Director
Will Parish Director
Kim Moore Bailey Director
Bill Street Director
Judy Braus Executive Director
Source: IRS 990