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Founded in 1929, the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) has a proud history of animal advocacy aimed at ending the cruel and outdated practice of animal experimentation. By promoting positive solutions that will replace cruel, costly and flawed animal experiments with modern, human-relevant innovative methods of research, safety testing and education, NAVS’ animal advocacy efforts will save not only animal lives, but human lives as well.

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Public Awareness and General Education


Navs takes advantage of every resource available to educate, change attitudes and empower people to take constructive action on behalf of animals and the advancement of better, more humane science. By communicating information about the cruelty, waste and inadequacy of animal experimentation while explaining the advantages of humane alternative methods of research, product testing and education, our organization has helped to reduce the number of "covered" animals used in science, empowered supporters and the public with information to make informed consumer choices and to use the legal/legislative process to enact responsible animal-friendly changes, and provided students and teachers with information about and access to 21st century technology and resources that replace animal dissection with safer, cost-effective alternatives. Navs' website, publications, consumer guide to cruelty-free products, annual art contest, eblasts, letters to editors, sponsorship of conferences, and direct mail are among the ways navs disseminates credible and compelling educational programs.

Science Programs


Support to develop, validate and implement alternatives to the use of animals in science; sponsorship of science conferences and symposia.

Legal and Legislative


To advance positive advocacy for animals, navs established the national research library for animal advocacy; to advance scholarship and advocacy skills, navs established the international institute for animal law; and created

Cooperative Efforts


To provide a platform for advocates to add their voices to many others in order to get the attention of legislators and other policymakers and promote an agenda for change, meaning creating a more humane and just world for animals.


Student/teacher programs - to promote innovative science education, navs provides scholarships for humane science projects at international, regional and local science fairs and manages the dissection hotline (1-800-922-frog) and biology education advancement program (bioleap), a free lending library of life science teaching tools.


Since 1998, navs has awarded more than $500,000 from the navs sanctuary fund to provide emergency relief for animals threatened by natural and man-made disasters.


Mary Margaret Cunniff Executive Director
Joseph Mchugh Director
Peter O'donovan Director
Michael B. Mann Treasurer/secretary/direct
Mary Ann Ligon Vice-president/director
Kenneth Kandaras President/director
Kenneth Cunniff Program Consultant/attorne
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