National Marine Mammal Foundation

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National Marine Mammal Foundation Inc
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Founded in 2007, National Marine Mammal Foundation is an animal-related nonprofit focused on research institutes & public policy analysis. It is a mid-sized organization, with $15m in revenue and 174 employees.


Annual Budget
December 2018
9% Loss
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Our mission is to improve and protect life for marine mammals, humans, and our shared oceans through science, service, and education. We approach this mission with great compassion and respect for the animals, which serves as a guiding light as we protect their wellbeing and welfare. Our vision is to become a leading laboratory in marine mammal science, where critical questions about marine mammal health, welfare, and conservation are answered by an unparalleled team of experts, and significant contributions are made locally and globally through science and education.


Sam Ridgway President
Marilee Menard Secretary
Cynthia Smith Executive Director
Hop Porter Board Member
Mike Marchesano CFO
Julie Scardina Board Member
Michael Letourneau Scientist
Dorian Houser Scientist
Lorelei Schwacke Scientist
Jennifer Meegan Veterinarian
Elizabeth Lutmerding Veterinarian
Joel Tiller Scientist
Jeffery Haun Scientist
Joycelyn Rothe Trainer Supervisor
Lisa Clowers Data Analyst
Forrest Emory-gomez Veterinarian
Elaine Allen Trainer Supervisor
Brenda Bauer Project Manager
Brian Branstetter Scientist
Randall Dear Trainer Supervisor
Jonathan Grindley Veterinarian
Carolina Le-bert Veterinarian
Steve Martin Scientist
Patrick Moore Scientist
Jason Mulsow Scientist
Source: IRS 990