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The National Safety Council is a 501 nonprofit, public service organization promoting health and safety in the United States of America. Headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, NSC is a member organization, founded in 1913 and granted a congressional charter in 1953.

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Workplace Initiatives Program


The national safety council provides safety training and consulting programs for employers to help them create a culture of continuous safety excellence through leadership and employee engagement. In addition, the council offers employers free advocacy resources to help them understand and implement safety policies. Various departments engage in the council's workplace initiatives and assist employers in meeting their needs including membership, conventions, the campbell institute and publications.

Road Safety Program


The national safety council addresses driver safety from several different angles and works with government and non-government organizations as well as individuals. In addition to providing driver safety training and education programs, the council leads the road to zero coalition in partnership with the u.s. Dot, developed the driveithome program to educate parents with new teen drivers, manages the our driving concern programs for employers in texas and oklahoma, and oversees the national child passenger safety board. The council also launched the country's largest public education effort around advanced driver assistance systems called mycardoeswhat and leads the check to protect coalition to urge drivers to fix outstanding vehicle recalls.

Home and Community Safety Program


The national safety council efforts to prevent all injuries that occur outside the workplace includes a multifaceted prescription drug misuse initiative that works with government and non-government agencies, as well as prescriber groups and employers, to reduce the number of deaths associated with opioid medication overdose. Other priority areas for the council include first aid training and working with communities to advance safety at the local level.


Deborah A. P. Hersman President and CEO
John P. Surma Immediate Past Board Chair, Trustee
Mark P. Vergnano Board Chair, Trustee
Andrew O. Johnson Board Vice Chair
Philip K. Asherman Director, Trustee
Constance Bayne Director
Elaine Beitler Director, Trustee
Raymond T. Betler Director
Charles P. Clairmont Director
Brian J. Cook Director, Trustee
John Dreyzehner Director
Daniel Z. Frank Director
Jack D. Furst Director
Abdulrahman Jawahery Director, Trustee
Mark Johnson Director
Roberta Kloda Director, Trustee
David Koeneke Director
Jim Kreinbrink Director, Trustee
Lynne M. Lachenmyer Director, Trustee
Thomas Loughman Trustee
Mark D. Manion Director
Anne T. Mccartt Director
Kent Mcelhattan Director, Trustee
Wade Mezey Trustee
Glenn A. Murray Trustee
Douglas C. Pontsler Director
Robert Skaggs Director
Peter Sullivan Director, Trustee
Patrick Phelan CFO
James Gallagher Vice President
Michael Pollock Vice President
Kelly Nantel Vice President
Linda Swift Chief Information Officer
Jane Terry Director
Jeanne Wrenn Legal Counsel
James Boyle Senior Director
Debra Ferris Field Sales
Suzanne Powills Senior Director
Jeffrey Hofstetter Senior Director
Karen Lord Advertising Sales Manager
Melissa Jenkins Senior Director
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