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Established in 1994, NatureServe is a conservation organization whose mission is to provide the scientific basis for effective conservation action. NatureServe and its network of natural heritage programs are the leading source for information about rare and endangered species and threatened ecosystems. We not only collect and manage detailed local information on plants, animals, and ecosystems, but develop information products, data management tools, and conservation services to help meet local, national, and global conservation needs. The objective scientific information about species and ecosystems developed by NatureServe is used by all sectors of society to make informed decisions about managing our natural resources.


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Conservation Products and Services


Natureserve's network of more than 80 biodiversity information centers develop and manage a wide array of products including biodiversity map tools, species distribution modeling, gis-issued publications, forestry certification and public-use tools. Additionally, natureserve offers a variety of conservation assessment planning services designed for systematic conservation planning, ecosystem-based management, and climate change adaptation solutions.

Scientific Data and Methods


By specifying standard methods for gathering and managing data for species and ecosystems, the efforts of individuals and institutions across the western hemisphere are united. Focal areas include: freshwater data methods and development; benchmark data standards; terrestrial vegetation methods and development; trends and viability analysis through element and occurrence ranks and specifications; ecological systems methods and data development. Natureserve has established a standardized way of collecting field data, mapping biological features, assessing the condition of those mapped elements, and managing the information.

Technology Research and Development & Technology Data Management


Natureserve data is widely recognized as a standard for conservation science and biodiversity assessment. As demand for a broad database of biodiversity information grows, natureserve continues to invest in the improvement of its information management systems, which include several online tools and databases as well as desktop/cloud-based applications.


Nicole Firlotte Board Chair/executive Cmte
Larry Master Vice Chair/development CMT
Sabra Tonn Vice Chair
Sayles Braga Treasurer
Douglas Ripley Secretary
Gregory Miller President & CEO
Lori Scott CIO & Interim CEO
Michael Clausell Controller
Leslie Honey VP for Conservation Services
Helen Healy Hamilton Chief Scientist
Don Kent Director of Network Capacity
Erin Chen Chief Development & Engagement Officer
Robert L. Hoguet Director, Finance Cmte. Ch
Marcia Angle Director
Dorothy Evans Director, Membership Cmte.
Dick Raines Director
Anibal Ramirez Soto Director
Urban Lehner Director
James Brumm Director, Nominating Cmte.
Alberto Szekely Director
Carolyn B. Hendricks Director
Lucas Joppa Director
Mary Ann Lawler Director
Steven Quarles Director
Candace Taylor-anderson Director
Patrick Comer Chief Ecologist
Patrick Crist Director of Conservation
David Hauver Software Engineering Mmg
Frank Mclean IT Manager
Robert Solomon Software Support Manager
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