NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

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New York and Presbyterian Hospital
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The NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital is a nonprofit university hospital in New York City affiliated with two Ivy League medical schools: Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medical College.

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December 2018
+13% Growth
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The New York and Presbyterian Hospital provides quality medical care regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, handicap, age, or ability to pay. Although reimbursement for services rendered is critical to the operations and stability of the Hospital, the Hospital recognizes that not all individuals possess the ability to pay for essential medical services and, furthermore, the Hospital's mission is to serve the community with respect to health care. Therefore, in keeping with the Hospital's commitment to serve all members of the community, the Hospital provides the following: free and reduced price medical care (financial assistance/charity care) to the indigent; care to persons covered by governmental programs at below-cost; subsidized health services; and health care activities, medical education and programs to support the community. Community benefit activities include wellness programs, community education programs, health screenings, and a broad variety of community support services, health professionals education, and subsidized health services. The Hospital had 126,179 discharges and provided 927,177 outpatient visits (clinic - 638,746 emergency room - 288,431) plus 103,115 ambulatory surgery procedures.


Steven J. Corwin President & Ceo/trustee
Laura Forese EVP & COO
Maxine Frank Evp, CLO & General Counsel
Phyllis R. Lantos Evp, CFO & Treasurer
Kathleen Burke VP Bd Rel,sec,asso Gen'l Counc
Frank A. Bennack Jr. Chairman
Charlotte M. Ford Vice Chairman
Peter A. Georgescu Vice Chairman
Jeffrey W. Greenberg Vice Chairman
Peter S. Kalikow Vice Chairman
Ivan G. Seidenberg Vice Chairman
Jerry I. Speyer Vice Chairman
Lee S. Ainslie III Trustee
Roger C. Altman Trustee
Robert J. Appel Trustee
Gabrielle Bacon Trustee
Bruce A. Beal Jr. Trustee
Jessica Bibliowicz Trustee
Donald L. Boudreau Trustee
Luis A. Canela Trustee
Iris Cantor Trustee
Pamela G. Carlton Trustee
Russell Lloyd Carson Trustee
John K. Castle Trustee
H. Rodgin Cohen Trustee
Stephanie Anne Coleman Trustee
Donald J. D'amico Trustee
Richard C. Dresdale Trustee
Matthew E. Fink Trustee
Kenneth Forde Trustee
Glenn R. Fuhrman Trustee
Noam Gottesman Trustee
Dennis E. Glazer Trustee
Jeffrey A. Harris Trustee
Arthur J. Hedge Jr. Trustee
Marife Hernandez Trustee
Glenn H. Hutchins Trustee
Mitchell L. Jacobson Trustee
Winfield P. Jones Trustee
Charles Kaye Trustee
Alfred F. Kelly Jr. Trustee
David H. Koch Trustee
David H. Komansky Trustee
Philippe Laffont Trustee
Rochelle B. Lazarus Trustee
Harrison T. Lefrak Trustee
Peter G. Livanos Trustee
Nancy Marks Trustee
Ellen R. Marram Trustee
Roman Martinez Iv Trustee
Raymond J. Mcguire Trustee
Robert B. Menschel Trustee
John E. Merow Trustee
Philip Milstein Trustee
Sharmin Mossavar-rahmani Trustee
Justin G. Muzinich Trustee
Sarah E. Nash Trustee
Alexander Navab Jr. Trustee
Steven O. Newhouse Trustee
Daniel S. Och Trustee
Adebayo O. Ogunlesi Trustee
Gordon B. Pattee Trustee
Ronald O. Perelman Trustee
Lisa R. Perry Trustee
Holly Peterson Trustee
Ogden Phipps Ii Trustee
Stephen Robert Trustee
Marcos A. Rodriguez Trustee
Stephen M. Ross Trustee
Arthur J. Samberg Trustee
Oscar Straus Schafer Trustee
Lawrence H. Schwartz Trustee
Mark Schwartz Trustee
Stephen A. Schwarzman Trustee
Richard D. Segal Trustee
Walter V. Shipley Trustee
Howard Solomon Trustee
Rob J. Speyer Trustee
Seymour Sternberg Trustee
Brenda Neubauer Straus Trustee
Steven R. Swartz Trustee
Vincent Tese Trustee
Lenard B. Tessler Trustee
John A. Thain Trustee
Elizabeth Tisch Trustee
Michael D. Tusiani Trustee
John S. Weinberg Trustee
Leonard A. Wilf Trustee
Margaret L. Wolff Trustee
Maurice R. Greenberg Chairman Emeritus
John J. Mack Chairman Emeritus
Herbert Pardes Executive Vice Chairman
Craig T. Albanese SVP Coo-mschony Sloane
Sarah L. Avins Svp, Chief Development Officer
Daniel J. Barchi Svp, Chief Information Officer
Michael P. Breslin SVP Finance
Andria L. Castellanos Group SVP & COO Nyp/columbia
Emme Deland Svp, Chief Strategy Officer
Kerry S. Dewitt SVP Comm/ Ext Rel/cos To President
William J. Farrell SVP Finance
Joseph A. Ienuso Group Svp, Facil & Real Estate
Maurice E. Labonne SVP Facilities and Real Estate
William Lee Svp, Chief Investment Officer
Wilhelmina Manzano Svp, Chief Nursing Officer
Susan Mascitelli Svp,pat Svcs & Liason To Board
Michael Nochomovitz Svp, CH. Clin Intgrtn Network
Cam Patterson Svp, COO Nyp Weill Cornell
Dov N. Schwartzben SVP Finance
Shaun E. Smith Svp, Chief Human Resources Off
Henry Ting SVP Chief Quality Officer
Karen Westervelt Svp, COO Regional Network Hosp
Gary J. Zuar SVP Finance
Jaclyn Mucaria President, Queens
Richard Liebowitz President, Brooklyn Methodist
Paul N. Casale Executive Dir-ny Qualcare&assoccmo
Paul J. Dunphey Svp, COO Nyp Allen
David Alge Svp, Comm. & Population Health
Mark E. Larmore Former Officer
Robert E. Kelly Former Officer
Kevin Hammeran Former Key Employee
Anthony P. Dawson Former Key Employee
Source: IRS 990