National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
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The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation was created by Congress in 1984 to protect and restore our nation's fish, wildlife, and habitats by investing federal dollars in the most pressing conservation needs and matching those dollars with private funds. The Foundation has proudly awarded 10,800 grants to 3,700 organizations and leveraged $680 million into $1.6 billion for conservation on the ground.



Total grant and related program expenditures in line with our mission.


Tokunbo Falayi Chief Financial Officer
John V. Faraci Jr. Chairman, Board of Directors
Patsy Ishiyama End 3817 Vice Chair, Board of Directors
Paul Tudor Jones Ii Vice Chair, Board of Directors
Carl Kuehner III End 11216 Vice Chair, Board of Directors
Charles D. Mccrary Vice Chair, Board of Directors
Don J. Mcgrath Vice Chair, Board of Directors
Dan Ashe End 1117 Director
Michael L. Campbell Director
Max C. Chapman Jr. Director
J. Michael Cline Director
John Dane III Director
Blas Fonalledas Director
Ben Friedman Director
John J. Healy Director
Christopher M. James Director
Sydney M. Johnson Director
Eaddo H. Kiernan Director
Reuben Mark Director
R. King Milling Director
Jennifer Mull Neuhaus Director
Trina Overlock Director
David Perkins End 3817 Director
Chad Pike Director
Edwin R. Rodriguez Jr. Director
Thomas L. Strickland Director
Federico Stubbe Sr. Director
Kathryn D. Sullivan Director - End 1/1/17
Amy Robbins Towers Director
John A. Tomke Director
Victoria J. Tschinkel Director
John E. Von Schlegell Director, End 3/8/17
Greg Sheehan Director
Steven A. Williams Director
Jeffrey J. Trandahl Executive Director, CEO
Holly Bamford Chief Conservation Officer
Thomas Kelsch Senior VP, Gebf
Lila Helms Executive VP, External Affairs
Timothy Dicintio Senior VP, Idea
Gregory Knadle VP, Government Relations
Eric Schwaab VP, Conservation Programs
Gerry Vans VP, Compliance & Risk Mgt
Jonathan Birdsong Director, Western Region
Jennifer Simpson Former Executive VP, Finance & Ops
Source: IRS 990