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The Natural Resources Defense Council's (NRDC) purpose is to safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals and the natural systems on which all life depends. We work to restore the integrity of the elements that sustain life - air, land, and water - and to defend endangered natural places. We seek to establish sustainability and good stewardship of the Earth as central ethical imperatives of human society. NRDC affirms the integral place of human beings in the environment. We strive to protect nature in ways that advance the long-term welfare of present and future generations. We work to foster the fundamental right of all people to have a voice in decisions that affect their environment.


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June 2018
+16% Growth
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In the full fiscal year following the commencement of the new presidential administration, NRDC has continued its fight in a cross-institutional way, and in concert with all our partners and member activists against persistent attacks on the environment from the federal government. Weve worked to defend our bedrock environmental laws and our public health safeguards, as well as lay the groundwork for building a lasting movement to protect our air, our water, our climate, and our communities. In the past year, NRDC has been working to move from the formal adoption of the new Strategic Plan to the implementation phase. The four key areas of focus include: 1) Averting the most dangerous impacts of climate change, 2) Advocating for the health of people and thriving communities, 3) Conserving nature and protecting wildlife, and 4) Building a groundswell of people that give power and voice to our mission. In this transition phase, we have been refocusing our mission to reflect the most urgent environmental challenges.


Alan Horn Chairman
Mary Moran Treasurer
Rhea Suh President
Maripat Alpuche Secretary
Krista Mcmanus Assistant Secretary
Amanda Ng Assistant Secretary
Steven Baginski Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer Bernstein Chief Development Officer
Andrew Jackson Chief Administrative Officer
Anders Yang Chief Development Officer
Anne Slaughter Andrew Trustee
Richard E. Ayres Trustee
Patricia Bauman Trustee
Anita Bekenstein Trustee
Claire Bernard Trustee
Anna Scott Carter Trustee
Sarah Cogan Trustee
Laurie David Trustee
Leonardo Dicaprio Trustee
John Echohawk Trustee
Nicole E. Lederer Trustee
Shelly Malkin Trustee
Josephine A. Merck Trustee
Kelly Chapman Meyer Trustee
Peter Morton Trustee
Wendy Neu Trustee
Frederica P. Perera Trustee
Robert Redford Trustee
Laurance Rockefeller Trustee
Thomas Roush Trustee
William H. Schlesinger Trustee
Frederick A. O. Schwarz Jr. Chair Emeritus/trustee
Max Stone Trustee
James Taylor Trustee
Daniel R. Tishman Chair Emeritus/trustee
Gerald Torres Trustee
David Vladeck Trustee
David Welch Trustee
Kathleen Welch Trustee
Eric Wepsic Trustee
George Woodwell Trustee
Ali Zaidi Trustee
John H. Adams Trustee
Dale Bryk Chief Planning&integration Off
Susan Casey-lefkowitz Chief Program Officer
Michelle Egan Chief Communications Officer
Mercedes Falber Chief Human Resources Officer
Mitchell Bernard Chief Counsel
David Hawkins Senior Attorney Iii
Joel Reynolds Western Director
Abby Schaefer-orfaly Board Relations
Ed Yoon Chief Policy Advocacy Officer
Ashok Gupta Senior Program Advocate
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