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NSF International is an American product testing, inspection and certification organization based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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The nsf water division certifies products that come into contact with drinking water; such products include plumbing components, water treatment chemicals, drinking water filters, and pool & spa equipment. Nsf pioneered the development of the american national standards for all materials and products which treat (or come in contact with) drinking water, to help protect public health and the environment, and minimize adverse health effects. In 1990, the u.s. Epa replaced its own drinking water product advisory program with these nsf standards. Today, most plumbing codes require certification to nsf standards forpipes and plumbing components in commercial and residential buildings.


The nsf food safety division of the not-for-profit nsf international includes both food equipment and nonfood compounds certification. The food equipment program tests and certifies food equipment products for acceptance across the us, europe and other global markets. The nonfoodcompounds program offers risk management solutions for nonfood compounds and proprietary substances (i.e. Lubricants, cleaners and water treatment chemicals used if food and beverage processing).


The nsf health sciences division offers reference standards, certification, training, consulting, research/development, and auditing services for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries.


The nsf sustainability division supports eco-friendly strategic solutions through its growing body of standards and protocols, in addition to services in testing, auditing, certification and valid


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Kevan P. Lawlor President, CEO
Nancy E. Bauer Exec. Assistant, Corp Secretary
Lisa A. Bell VP, Human Resources
Lorelle Bestervelt Executive VP, CTO
Thomas Chestnut Senior VP, Global Food Division
Elizabeth Jones VP, Marketing
Chandana Kathuria Senior VP, CIO
Kurtis Kneen VP, Global Labs
Clifton Mclellan VP, Water Systems
Robert Pietrowski VP, Global Health Sci. Div. End 5/17
Charles F. Bonser Board Member
Peer Fl Daamen Board Member
Mary Jane England Board Member
Thomas W. Glasgow Jr. Board Member
John D. Graham Board Member
Joan Menke-schaenzer Board Member
Richard K. Riederer Board Member
Richard E. Rabbideau Chairman
Michael P. Walsh VP, CFO
Elias Salembier Senior Director - Finance
Cheryl A. Luther Gm - Dietary Supplements
Gregory V. Brown Glob Manag Dir, Seafood
Ian M. Haynes M.d. Global Business Development
Stanley S. Hazan Senior Dirictor, Regular Affairs
James Lewis Former Officer
David G. Richardson Former Officer
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