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Founded in 1891, The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) is one of the greatest botanical gardens in the world and the largest in any city in the United States, distinguished by the beauty of its diverse landscape and extensive collections and gardens, as well as by the scope and excellence of its programs in horticulture, education, and science. The NYBG is an advocate for the plant kingdom. The Garden pursues its mission through its role as a museum of living plant collections arranged in gardens and landscapes across its National Historic Landmark site; through its comprehensive education programs in horticulture and plant science; and through the wide-ranging research programs of the International Plant Science Center.


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June 2018
+4% Growth
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Plant Science


Collecting for and maintaining the garden herbarium for public use, including research. The botanical garden's scientists, librarians, staff, graduate students, honorary research associates, and curators perform fieldwork and conduct cutting-edge research in plant systematics, economic botany, ecology, molecular systematics, and plant genomics.

Horticulture and Living Collections


Preparation of research, maintenance of gardens and exhibits for public use and enjoyment. Public exhibitions and festivals to enhance the experience of the visiting public. The garden's living collections contain more than one million plants in 50 gardens and collections, including: the enid a. Haupt conservatory, the nation's preeminent victorian-style glasshouse; the nolen greenhouses for living collections; the three-and-one-half-acre native plant garden; the eleven-acre azalea garden, which includes nearly one mile of woodland paths meandering beneath ancient native oaks, tulip trees, and sweetgums and surrounded by more than 70,000 plants; the fifty-acre thain family forest, the largest extant forest that once covered much of new york city.

Education and Outreach


Development, organization, and presentation of educational courses. The Garden's Adult Education Program offers 750 classes at the Botanical Garden and the Midtown Education Center in Manhattan. Certificates are offered in seven program areas: Botanical art & illustration, botany, floral design, gardening, horticultural therapy, horticulture, and landscape design. Three annual lecture programs, landscape design portfolios lecture series, winter lecture series, and andrew carnegie distinguished lecture, feature internationally recognized speakers.


Gregory Long Chief Executive O
Joseph V. Cossaboom Assistant Tr
Annemarie Blancato Assistant Tr
Celeste Kirton Assistant Se
Maureen K. Chilton Chairman
Amy Goldman Fowler Executive Comm Ch
Mrs Nicholas J. Sakelliariadis Vice Chairma
Craig Vosberg Secretary/tr
Edward P. Bass Vice Chairma
Larry E. Condon Vice Chairma
Lionel Goldfrankiii Vice Chairma
Marjorie G. Rosen Vice Chairma
William C. Steere Jr. Vice Chairma
Shelby White Vice Chairma
Mr Wilson Nolen Chairman Eme
Leonard Abess Trustee
Gary A. Beller Trustee
John W. Bernstein Trustee
Mrs Jeremy H. Biggs Trustee
Mrs Coleman P. Burke Trustee
Edith B. Everett Trustee
Mrs Harry Burn III Trustee
Mrs Jonathan C. Clay Trustee
J. Barclay Collins Ii Trustee
Jose Luis Cruz Trustee
Mrs Marvin H. Davidson Trustee
Florence A. Davis Trustee
Jacqueline H. Dryfoos Trustee
Robert F. Gossett Jr. Trustee
Mrs Thomas J. Hubbard Trustee
Weslie R. Janeway Trustee
Henry P. Johnson Trustee
Jill Joyce Trustee
Karen Katen Trustee
Dianne Katzin Trustee
Edith W. Kean Trustee
Thomas E. Lovejoy Trustee
Susan E. Lynch Trustee
Serafin U. Mariel Trustee
Susan E. Kay Matelich Trustee
Gilbert C. Maurer Trustee
George Milne Jr. Trustee
Hidemoto Mizuhara Trustee
Janet M. Montag Trustee
Malcolm Nolen Trustee
Jessye Norman Trustee
Marc Porter Trustee
Hon Dianne T. Renwick Trustee
William B. O'connor Esq. Dec 1117 Trustee
Mrs John R. Robinson Trustee
Mrs Arthur Ross Trustee
Deborah Goodrich Royce Trustee
Gillian Steel Trustee
Michael H. Steinhardt Trustee
Eleanor F. Sullivan Trustee
Sally Susman Trustee
Carmen M. Thain Trustee
John A. Thain Trustee
Douglas Dockery Thomas Trustee
Joseph A. Thompson Trustee
Mish Tworkowski Trustee
Gordon A. Uehling III Trustee
Caroline A. Wamsler Ph D. Trustee
Karen Washington Trustee
Sigourney Weaver Trustee
Michael A. Zarcone Trustee
Mario Batali Trustee
Hon Bill De Blasio Mayor of Nyc Trustee
Hon Rubin Diaz Trustee
Hon Carmen Farina Trustee
Hon Tom Finkelpearl Trustee
Hon Melissa Mark-viverito Trustee
Hon Mitchell Silver Trustee
Hon Scott M. Stringer Trustee
Lynden B. Miller Trustee
Mark Cupkovic Vice Preside
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Michael Balick Vice Preside
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