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New York Mortgage Coalition Inc
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Founded in 2001, New York Mortgage Coalition is a human services nonprofit focused on housing search assistance. It is a relatively small organization, with $873k in revenue and 4 employees. New York Mortgage Coalition is headquartered in New York, NY and its executive director is Carolyn Rebecca Senn as of December, 2018.


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December 2018
+8% Growth
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Housing Counseling Program


Nymc housing counseling agencies provide housing counseling services for over 2,100 clients in 2017. Clients who receive a homeownership certificate of completion must complete a minimum of 8 hours of education; 6 hours in a classroom setting and 2 hours of one-on-one counseling with a homeownership counselor. In 2017 nymc generated 477 mortgage commitments. 2 out of 3 clients enrolled in nymc's one-on-one counseling program become mortgage-ready within 6 to 12 months. Since inception, nymc has provided homeownership counseling to more than 30,000 low to middle income families and helped originate over $1 billion in affordable first-home mortgages.

Financial Webinars


New york mortgage coalition facilitated nine webinars on financial topics co-presented by harlem congregations for community improvement. Materials covered include credit, money management, and budgeting.


Marie Pedraza President
Deborah L. Johnson Vice President
Anthony J. Mancusi Treasurer
Mariadele Priest Secretary
Anie Akpe-lewis Member
Barbara A. Kelly Member
Christine Haase Member
Bernadette M. Mueller Member
Amy Flores Member
Charles Butler Member
Cheryl Davis Member
Dwayne Jones Member
Debra Washington Member
Jason C. Jefferies Non-voting Member
Donald E. Tom Member
Joseph Weisbord Non-voting Member
Mark Castle Member
Michael Esposito Non-voting Member
Naima Oyo Member
Peter Elkowitz Member
Rosemarie Noonan Member
Janine Ranski Member
Carolyn Rebecca Senn Executive Director
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