Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge Apartments Inc

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Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge Apartments Inc
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Founded in 1999, Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge Apartments Inc is a human services nonprofit focused on senior citizens housing & retirement communities. Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge Apartments Inc is headquartered in Madison, WI and its vice president of finance is Jennifer Curliss as of December, 2018.


Annual Budget
December 2018
+5% Growth
Program Spending
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Pioneer prairie and settlers ridge is made up of 206 independent apartments. During 2017, there were 71,975 resident days of care. Residents have continuing care contracts in conjunction with unit occupancy. Pricing was developed to serve residents that come from a modest middle income primary market. Services include: daily check ins, housekeeping, maintenance and food service plans. There is a full time social worker, transportation services and life enrichment activities for all physical and mental capabilities as well as a secure environment with nursing staff available as needed. Residents receive priority access to assisted living, skilled nursing and therapy services if needed.


Larry Larrabee Chair
Ron Mach Vice Chair
Cliff Strelow Secretary and Treasurer
Rick Bova President/ceo
Sarah Kruger Director
Robert Cole Director As of June 2017
Michael Carr Director
Alan Lukazewski Director
Nancy Young Director
Alice Gustafson Director Through May 2017
Jennifer Curliss Vice President of Finance
Michelle Godfrey VP of Operations
Keith Van Landuyt Director of Marketing and Community Relations
Kathy Groth VP of Human Resources
Angela Studnicka Pharmacy Director
Tracy Head Pharmacist
Jumana Barkley Pharmacist
Source: IRS 990