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For 60 years, Open Doors has worked in the world's most oppressive countries, empowering Christians who are persecuted for their beliefs. Open Doors equips persecuted Christians in more than 60 countries through programs like Bible & Gospel Development, Women & Children Advancement and Christian Community Restoration. As a result, Open Doors has specialized in helping Christians who are persecuted for their faith. However, we work with persecuted Christians to reach out to non-Christians, even their persecutors, so that they can reach them with the message of Christ.


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December 2018
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Public AwarenessIn 2017, over $5.1 million was contributed to public awareness and local ministry. Through events like the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, our World Watch List Press Conference, webinars and our media and advocacy efforts. More than 40,000 people engaged in our advocacy efforts through petitions, letters to representatives, congressional briefings and letters to persecuted believers. In addition, a monthly average of 163 radio, print and television pieces featured Open Doors, including USA Today, Fox News, and CNN.

Christian Community Development


For more than 60 years, Open Doors has worked in the world's most oppressive and restrictive countries, strengthening Christians to stand strong in the face of persecution and equipping them to shine Christ's light in these places. In 2017, more than $4.1 million was contributed towards the worldwide Christian Community Development programs of Open Doors International. Open Doors International served more than 854,000 through community development projects, such as sponsoring literacy courses, vocational/job training, prison ministry, medical/healthcare, church restoration, school support, community building aid, safe houses, food supplies, helping widows, emergency assistance and support to persecuted families.

Bible and Literature Distribution


In 2017, over $3.7 million was contributed towards Bible and Literature Distribution programs of Open Doors International. Open Doors International delivered more than 2.5 million pieces of literature including Bibles, children's Bibles, study Bibles, New Testaments, religious literature, training materials, Sunday school materials and other resources to Christians in countries around the world.

Leadership Training


Throughout the world, as persecution is on the rise, thousands of Christian leaders are finding great encouragement at training seminars and workshops offered through Open Doors. In 2017, more than $3.4 million was contributed towards worldwide leadership and training programs of Open Doors International.Open Doors trained 533,000 people through discipleship, mentoring, persecution preparedness training, trauma counseling and more. The ministry included Bible training for Christian leaders and believers, Sunday School teachers and children. Various seminars were also held in many countries, including Standing Strong through the Storm (SSTS) which helps pastors and leaders learn how to stand strong in the face of suffering and persecution.


Advocacy (2017)As a presence ministry, Open Doors has the privilege of advocating for persecuted Christians and showing that they are not forgotten or alone. While Open Doors USA is active on Capitol Hill, our direct lobbying activities in regard to legislation are very minimal. In 2017 ODUSA Advocacy staff met with the State Department's Office for International Religious Freedom, as well as Congressional offices, and shared about the persecution faced by believers in other countries. Throughout the year, public online advocacy campaigns launched by Open Doors USA drew attention to specific cases. Throughout the year Open Doors advocacy staff collaborated regularly with other organizations and met with Congressional offices, updating them on issues of religious freedom. We also produced email newsletters, reaching out to a broad audience on the situation facing persecuted Christians around the globe.


Colin Stewart Chairman
Steve Haas Vice Chairman
Matthew P. Yates Secretary
Michael Wong Treasurer/cfo
Caryn Ryan Director
Nathaniel Spoelman Director
Roger Spoelman Director
Bruce Dingman Director
Tim Kachuriak Director
Daisy Szabo Director
Francesca Fajinmi Director
David Curry President/ceo
Tim Muret Chief Communications Officer
Katie Oakes Senior Director of Direct Response
Grant Deardorff VP of Mobilization
Brian Orme Senior Director of Content
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