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The mission of the Oregon Zoo Foundation (OZF) is to foster community pride and involvement in the Oregon Zoo and to secure financial support for the zoo's conservation, education and animal welfare programs. By amplifying the zoo's accomplishments, OZF ignites interest and investment in creating a better future for wildlife. OZF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by a volunteer Board of Trustees comprising Oregon business and community leaders. Under the coordination of the OZF Director, income generating activities include fundraising, grant writing, sponsorship and the administration and cultivation of more than 45,000 member households. Since 1997, OZF has contributed over $48M to the Oregon Zoo.


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June 2019
10% Loss
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Membership Services


Operate a membership program that supports the daily operations of the oregon zoo and fosters the meaningful and lasting impact of the zoo in our community by providing members endless opportunities to engage in and learn about the zoo's conservation, education and animal welfare efforts.

Zoo Support- Raise Funds That Are Granted To the Oregon Zoo To Support Its Work in


Conservation to ensure the long-term survival of species and their habitats, including restoring populations of native species in the pacific northwest; public education to empower learners of all ages to take action on behalf of wildlife and nature; and animal welfare that provides the best lives possible for the animals in the zoo's care. Provide operational support for improvements to the oregon zoo including upgrades to existing habitats, interpretive displays and programmatic activities.


Craig Norris Vice Chair
Peter Norman Treasurer
Raimund Grube Vice Chair
Rob Erickson Chair
Sharla Settlemier Secretary
Jody Brassfield-english Assoc. Director of Finance
Julie Fitzgerald Director
Mark Loomis Interim Director
Bob Maloney Trustee
Campbell Kidd Trustee
Deb Mrazek Trustee
Debby Deering Trustee
Deborah Herron Trustee
Derek Conrad Trustee
Franco Albi Trustee
Kim Van Syoc Trustee
Laura Rosencrantz Trustee
Laurie Christensen Trustee
Lynda Gardner Trustee
Nan Heim Trustee
Nicole Isle Trustee
Scott Powers Trustee
Sigrid Button Trustee
Tracey Clark Trustee
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