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Founded in 1949, Palmer Lutheran Health Center Inc is a health nonprofit focused on general hospitals. It is a mid-sized organization, with $30m in revenue and 250 employees. Palmer Lutheran Health Center Inc is headquartered in West Union, IA and its secretary/treasurer is Lynn Lauer as of December, 2018.



Palmer lutheran health center is a 25-licensed bed critical access hospital, the only hospital in west union, iowa and employs about 240 employees. Palmer lutheran health center also has a home care department, hospice department, and home medical equipment department. On July 1, 2016, palmer lutheran medical center acquired 3 rural health clinics in the communities of west union, fayette and postville. In addition, palmer operates an afterhours and weekend walk-in clinic. This walk-in clinic was previously held in our er as an urgent care clinic, but in October 2017 this clinic was moved into the west union rural health clinic and the hours and days of operation were expanded to allow patients to be seen 7 days a week in this setting. This was done specifically to meet community health needs of working families. Annually, palmer has over 340 admissions, about 90 live births; over 3,800 emergency center visits, over 31,000 patient visits in the clinics and performs over 525 surgeries (including ambulatory).the newly renovated hospital was designed to achieve three goals - create a healing environment that welcomes and supports patients/families, design work areas to better accommodate current and future technologies, systems and approaches to care, and to comply more fully with hippa regulations. Palmer lutheran health center leads delivery of healthcare to its region through over 35 associates (including 4 physicians, 6 physicians assistants, and 4 nurse practitioner on staff) which coordinate care to deliver patient care as an integrated unit. Palmer lutheran health center and its affiliates also work seamlessly to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Requirements of the irs community benefit standards for tax-exempt organizations are integral to palmer lutheran health center's larger charitable mission of improving health and quality of life. Specifically, palmer lutheran health center is governed by a board that includes 3 independent board members who are community leaders, consumer representatives, business experts, and clinical healthcare experts. The board has a history of commitment to acting with the highest of integrity for the benefit of the community. Palmer lutheran health center also makes medical care accessible to the entire community it serves. Palmer operates a full-time emergency room and provides emergency care regardless of ability to pay. Palmer provides clinical services needed to operate the emergency center and provides on-site emergency medical, rescue and medical transportation services. In addition, palmer lutheran health center, through its integrated network of providers, provides non-emergency services to the community it serves. It makes these services accessible to the community through participation in government programs like medicare and medicaid and by offering assistance through palmer's charity care policy, and social services department. Palmer lutheran health center utilizes technology that provides a complete electronic medical record. Our electronic health record is connected to gundersen health system, which allows us to share test results and other patient information. This enhances the patient care at our facility, as well as other gundersen entities throughout the region. The health center does not pursue collection of amounts determined to qualify for charity care, they are not reported as revenue. The amounts of charges foregone for services provided under the health center's charity care policy were $456,556 for the year ended December 31, 2017. The estimated costs of the charges foregone, based upon an overall cost-to-charge ratio calculation were $302,000. The health center also commits significant time and resources to endeavors and critical services which meet otherwise unfulfilled community needs. Many of these activities are sponsored with the knowledge that they will not be self-supporting or financially viable. Palmer lutheran health center takes its mission to improve health and quality of life of the people it services a step further by reaching out to meet the broad health needs of the community. It strives to identify community needs beyond basic healthcare, then respond to them, aiming to make a positive, life-enhancing difference in the community. Palmer lutheran health center takes a strategic, community needs based approach to delivering benefits to the community.


Tobin Britt Chair
Tanya Tysland CEO
Brenda Moser Regional CFO
Karla Gavin Director
Lynn Lauer Secretary/treasurer
Dr Mary Kuffel Director
Dr Mordechai Lederman Director
Jean Krause Director
Scott Kniprath Director
Kenneth Beach Crna
Beth Jackson Crna
Source: IRS 990