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Parents Against Tired Truckers was formed when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel of his 80,000 pound rig, killing four innocent teenagers. There were no criminal charges (not even a traffic ticket) brought against this truck driver or the trucking company for their deaths. Thus, PATT was formed in May of 1994. We have grown from a Maine grassroots group to a Nationally recognized organization. We have been successful in bringing the fatigue issue to the forefront at National events throughout the United States. Although misunderstood by some, PATT is not anti-trucker. In fact, many truck drivers are applauding us for addressing issues that they themselves cannot for fear of losing their jobs.

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December 2018
16% Loss
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Reducing the number of injuries and fatalities caused by truck related crashes. Reducing the problem of truck driver fatigue. Introducing new product and technology approaches to improve safety


Daphne Izer President, Co-chair
Russell Swift Co-chair
Jeffrey Burns Esq. Secretary
Jane Mathis Treasurer
Larry Liberatore Board Member
Steve Izer Board Member
Nikki Hensley Board Member
Linda Wilburn Board Member
Ed Slattery Board Member
John Lannen Executive Director
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