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Founded in 2012, Pencil Box is an education nonprofit focused on support n.e.c.. It is a relatively small organization, with $1.2m in revenue and 2 employees. Pencil Box is headquartered in Tulsa, OK and its executive dir. is Nancy Bolzle as of December, 2019.


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December 2019
+91% Growth
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The organization provides school supplies throughout the year to disadvantaged students attending public schools in Tulsa County, grades pre-K through 12. It is a retail setting where teachers can select supplies to distribute to their students, specific to the needs of the individual students and classroom activities. Schools eligible to participate are public schools in Tulsa County where 70% or more of the students live at or below the Federal Poverty Level. The organization depends solely on financial and in-kind donations from businesses, foundations, organizations and individuals to stock its shelves. Supplies not donated are purchased at reducedprices from partnering local and national retailers and manufacturers.


Jane Mudgett Treasurer
Whittney Stauffer President
Stephen Walker Vice President
Di Wong Secretary
Susan Bynum Director
Ryan Boegh Director
Aaron Bolzle Director
Katherine Silvey Bates Director
Bryan Miles Director
Stacy Robinson Director
Steven Rowton Director
Annie Tomecek Director
Alison Wade Director
Nancy Bolzle Executive Dir.
Source: IRS 990