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PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an American animal rights organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, and led by Ingrid Newkirk, its international president. A nonprofit corporation with nearly 400 employees, it claims that it has 6.5 million members and supporters, in addition to claiming that it is the largest animal rights group in the world. Its slogan is "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way."

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Research, investigations, and rescues receiving hundreds of complaints related to animal abuse and neglect each week, peta works to rescue abused, neglected, and at-risk animals and organize care for them. We also investigate cruelty cases, conduct investigations, gather evidence of legal violations, and take action to ensure the enforcement of laws and regulations. Animals in the experimentation industry based on peta's evidence and following a police investigation, the alexandria city attorney's office in minnesota filed 25 cruelty-to-animals charges against bio corporation-a company that sells animals slated for classroom dissection to school districts across the country-related to drowning pigeons and injecting live crayfish with liquid latex. This landmark victory is the first time in history that cruelty charges have been filed in a case involving invertebrate animals. After peta scientists persuaded the u.s. Food and drug administration to allow non-animal skin and allergy testing methods for a personal lubricant, the agency also approved a project led by the peta international science consortium, of which peta is a member, to replace vaginal irritation tests on rabbits for the first time. The project is underway and being presented at international conferences as a template for replacing animal use in other government-required experiments. The peta international science consortium also launched a free online training tool that shows researchers how to replace animals in skin irritation and corrosion testing and spearheaded a peer-reviewed journal edition detailing ways to replace animals in inhalation tests. After receiving extensive input from peta and others, 16 federal government agencies submitted a plan to replace the use of animals in toxicity testing, and after hearing from peta scientists for three years, japan stopped requiring gruesome poisoning tests in which dogs were locked in cages and forced over the course of a year to eat pesticide-laced food or breathe pesticide fumes before being killed and dissected. Four major japanese food and beverage companies agreed to end their cruel experiments on animals after talks with peta, saving countless animals from being force-fed, starved, and injected with drugs in painful tests. Food giant general mills also agreed to ban all experiments on animals conducted in order to make health claims about its foods. Volkswagen ended all tests on animals not required by law following peta germany's communications with its executives, protests at the company's headquarters, and an overwhelming number of e-mails from peta supporters after its outrageous and cruel inhalation tests on monkeys were exposed. Airbridgecargo airlines banned the transportation of monkeys to laboratories anywhere in the world after tens of thousands of peta supporters urged it to stop participating in this sordid trade. Following campaigning and lobbying by peta, president donald j. Trump signed the john s. Mccain national defense authorization act, which includes a landmark animal-protection provision. The department of defense must now use medical-simulation technology in trauma-skills training "to the maximum extent practicable" before resorting to harming animals in these deadly drills, and animals can be used only if this is approved by someone in the medical chain of command rather than by nonmedical personnel. Peta's beauty without bunnies team negotiated with companies to urge them to go cruelty-free, withdraw from or refuse to enter the chinese market until requirements for tests on animals are lifted, and switch from putting animal fur and hair in cosmetics brushes to using vegan alternatives. We also continued to work closely with the team of experts that peta funded in china to push for the acceptance of non-animal test methods, and we celebrated the opening of that country's first non-animal testing laboratory. Animals in the food industry peta released an eyewitness expos of nellie's free range eggs, which claims to sell eggs from "happy hens" who "roam where they please." our video footage from a farm that supplies "certified humane" eggs to stores like harris teeter, walmart, and whole foods revealed that hens were crammed into a shed in which they had only occasional, severely restricted access to the outdoors and just over a square foot of floor space each, which was barely larger than their bodies. On June 1, israel's ban on the importation of "shackle and hoist" kosher beef went into effect. Resulting from peta's south america kosher-slaughter investigations, this regulation requires more than 40 slaughterhouses in argentina, brazil, paraguay, and uruguay to install modern restraint pens or stop conducting kosher slaughter. In response to peta's campaign to urge the u.s. To ban this violent slaughter method, the largest u.s. Kosher certifier announced in July that it will stop accepting "shackle and hoist" beef from south america, a historic victory capping off a campaign that peta began in 2007. Animals in the clothing industry a groundbreaking peta asia investigation of 12 angora goat farms and a slaughterhouse in south africa, the world's top mohair producer, revealed that workers dragged, roughly handled, threw, and mutilated goats and cut their throats as they cried out. After hearing from peta, nearly 320 brands worldwide have banned mohair, such as arcadia group, including topshop and its other seven brands; gap inc., including gap, old navy, banana republic, and athleta; h&m group; inditex's apparel brands, including zara, ralph lauren, diane von furstenberg, esprit, uniqlo,, eddie bauer, and lands' end; and many others. Peta's eyewitness expos of canada goose's featured down supplier, which claimed that it provided geese with "tender loving care," revealed rampant abuse. While loading animals for transport to slaughter, workers picked up geese by the neck, sometimes carrying two in each hand, and caused terrified birds to pile on top of each other, crushing those beneath. At the slaughterhouse, geese were again grabbed by the neck and electrically stunned, and their throats were cut in view of other terrified birds. Peta is urging canada goose to stop using down as well as fur. Animals in the entertainment industry nearly 14 years of diligent efforts by peta to help nosey - an ailing elephant who, for decades, was neglected, abused, kept tightly chained, and forced to give rides-paid off when she was finally seized from her abuser and given refuge at a sanctuary. Veterinarians found that she had urinary tract and skin infections, intestinal parasites, and painful osteoarthritis, and she showed signs of dehydration and malnutrition. Now, she receives daily veterinary care and can finally live as an elephant should-scratching on trees, taking dust baths, wallowing in the mud, and roaming her habitat. The usda has informed her abuser, the notorious elephant exhibitor hugo liebel, of its intent to initiate proceedings to terminate his federal exhibitor's license. Peta also secured the first-ever court injunction-an extraordinary form of relief that's issued when a court finds that irreparable injury will result without it-against tim and melisa stark and their roadside zoo, wildlife in need, immediately stopping them from declawing big cats, separating cubs from their mothers, and exhibiting the animals. Peta helped find new homes for numerous animals from cruel pseudo- sanctuaries, roadside zoos, and traveling shows, including 39 tigers, four chimpanzees, two baboons, and 10 bears. Two bears who were confined to virtually barren cages and deprived of veterinary care at tregembo animal park, a decrepit roadside zoo in north carolina, were moved to a sanctuary. This followed the settlement of a cruelty-to-animals lawsuit filed by two north carolina residents-who were represented by peta foundation lawyers. And after a dedicated peta campaign, the great bear show shut down-five american black bears are now enjoying life at a lush sanctuary instead of being caged, chained, and forced to perform uncomfortable tricks. Companion-animal issues peta's expos of three petsmart stores in arizona, florida, and tennessee broke as nashville law-enforcement officials, acting on our evidence, raided a store there, seizing documents as well as severely ill guinea pigs and other small animals. Animals in the stores faced systemic neglect and widespread suffering, and managers repeatedly refused to provide sick, injured, and dying guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, a bird, and other animals with veterinary care. In nashville, managers denied animals veterinary care in order to "keep costs down" so that they would receive bonuses. Three pleaded guilty to cruelty-to-animals charges and must perform community service and repay more than 16,000 that officials spent on caring for the sick and injured animals seized from the store. The pet blood bank in cherokee, texas, closed and transferred all th


Public outreach and information peta conducts informational campaigns and publishes materials for children, high school and college students, and educators as well as factsheets, booklets, fliers, posters, and a magazine, peta global, for the public and supporters. Our campaigns-which reach millions of people and receive extensive media coverage-involve renowned celebrities, interactive social networking, website features, blog posts, and public service announcements (psa), which are typically placed for free in high-exposure outlets. In fiscal year 2018, peta secured free advertising space worth more than 1 million and logged more than 3,500 interactions with the media via letters and tweets as well as radio, tv, and print interviews. Our various websites received more than 115 million visits, our facebook posts received over 2.7 billion impressions, and our videos were viewed over 702 million times.


International grassroots campaigns peta organizes campaigns to inform the public about the abuse and slaughter of animals in the experimentation, food, clothing, and entertainment industries, among other types of cruelty. In 2018, we organized and led more than 3,500 demonstrations and sent out millions of letters through our online advocacy campaigns to urge companies and individuals to make changes that benefit animals. Our youth division, peta2, influenced students at more than 70 colleges and universities, including harvard, columbia, and cornell, with our "how bigotry begins" talk, which explores the links between racism, sexism, and speciesism. The peta2 campus rep program-the first and largest student leadership program of any animal charity-helped students on more than 100 college campuses carry out more than 1,400 actions. Students held vegan food giveaways, got all-vegan stations opened in their dining halls, stopped cruel animal exhibitors from coming to campus, and screened hard- hitting documentaries such as earthlings and what the health. Our five-day, intensive campus rep summit trained students from all over north america to be the vanguard of the animal rights movement. Teachkind, peta's humane education division, distributed materials on vegan eating and animal rights, potentially reaching more than 1.4 million children. Its share the world program-a free empathy-building video and curriculum kit for elementary school educators-has been accepted by discovery education, which serves 50 million students in half of the classrooms in the u.s., 50 percent of all primary schools in the u.k., and more than 50 countries. Animals in the experimentation industry following an intensive peta campaign that included more than 129,000 e- mails and phone calls, a condemning print ad, criticism from experts, and multiple spirited public demonstrations, university of pittsburgh experimenter rajesh aneja-who tormented hundreds of mice in painful and deadly sepsis experiments-is without funding from the national institutes of health for the first time in more than a decade. Keeping constant pressure on texas a&m university to close its cruel muscular dystrophy dog laboratory, peta held highly publicized protests at every board of regents meeting as well as at alumni events, sporting events, and graduation ceremonies and even during the school's belk bowl football game. Animals in the food industry following years of peta protests against foie gras, which is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese until their livers become diseased and grossly distended, the u.s. Court of appeals for the ninth circuit ruled that california can prohibit its sale. In response to a lawsuit filed by peta and a coalition of public interest groups and journalists, the u.s. Court of appeals for the ninth circuit became the first federal appellate court to strike down provisions of an "ag-gag" law. This victory for free speech upholds the district court's decision that idaho's ban on recording conditions at factory farms and slaughterhouses violates the first amendment. Peta expanded its "i'm me, not meat. See the individual. Go vegan" ad series to include fish, lobsters, and crabs and placed billboards with this message in various cities following the crashes of trucks that were transporting animals to slaughterhouses. We persuaded postmates to stop delivering foie gras and to remove two billboards mocking vegan eating; influenced the habit burger grill to make all its buns, other breads, and veggie burger vegan and tgi fridays to introduce the vegan beyond burger; and persuaded pret a manger, rapid fired pizza, and amy's ice creams to add more vegan options. After being contacted by peta, walmart-owned online retailer well as ebay and many other retailers and other businesses-pledged to remove all products containing ejiao, a traditional chinese "medicine" made from gelatin extracted from boiled donkey hides. Animals in the clothing industry after appeals from peta and local activists, san francisco became the largest u.s. City to ban fur sales, with a unanimous vote from its board of supervisors. In another monumental victory for animals, gucci announced that it will no longer use fur, following nearly 20 years of pressure from peta. G-iii apparel group-whose brands include donna karan and dkny-also banned fur after more than two decades of peta protests. Donatella versace-the creative director of luxury brand versace-told the economist's 1843 magazine that she is done with fur and doesn't want to "kill animals to make fashion," saying that it "doesn't feel right." this momentous announcement came after decades of pressure from peta and messages from the public urging her to stop using fur. Peta also helped persuade many other designers, brands, and retailers to stop using and selling fur, including furla, rent the runway, patricia nash designs, burlington coat factory, bcbg, michael kors, and john galliano. Asos-which sells more than 850 labels as well as its own brand of clothing and accessories-confirmed that it will also ban cashmere, silk, down, and feathers across its entire platform by the end of January 2019. Peta kept the pressure on canada goose to stop using real fur and down, with dozens of protests throughout north america, a tv ad, a personal e- mail from pamela anderson to hundreds of canada goose employees informing them that coyotes are cruelly trapped and killed for fur, and more. Fashionunited covered the cruelty inherent in canada goose jackets, and as a result of our efforts, the pantone color institute ended a partnership with the company. Animals in the entertainment industry following declining ticket sales and public outrage over its cruel animal acts, the owner of longtime peta target kelly miller circus was forced to sell the business and retire at the end of its 2017 season, and the new owner made it animal-free. The license of notorious animal exhibitor hawthorn corporation was canceled following years of peta protests, 272,500 in penalties from the u.s. Department of agriculture (usda), and the deaths of dozens of tigers. Circus pages shut down following years of peta-supported protests across the country; after hearing from local residents and more than 23,000 peta members and supporters, the highlands county fair association in sebring, florida, canceled planned loomis bros. Circus shows; and stardust circus stopped using elephants. Peta's lawyers prevented garden bros. Circus from exhibiting animals in multiple cities across the country, and after hearing from peta, the university of south carolina-aiken, illinois' lockport township park district, the arkansas national guard, minnesota's hastings civic arena, and numerous other venues vowed not to host circuses that use animals. Thanks to peta's efforts, now more than 620 venues do not allow animal exhibits. Peta persuaded several more companies, including adventures within reach, gate 1 travel, overseas adventures travel, smartours, tours4fun, and eldertreks not to offer elephant rides or other activities that exploit these sensitive animals. Alamy, dreamstime, pond5, and shutterstock no longer accept images or videos of apes or monkeys in unnatural situations and are removing those that don't meet the new guidelines after hearing from peta. And getty images no longer accepts any images or videos of wild animals taken in locations other than natural environments or zoos. Peta's vigorous campaign against the iditarod has resulted in the deadly dog race losing numerous sponsors. After correspondence with peta, the brown-forman corporation, the parent company of jack daniel's, confirmed that it was ending its 15-year sponsorship of the event. Young living essential oils also announced that it would end its sponsorship of musher mitch seavey. After peta revealed that more than 350 dogs were pulled from the 2018 iditarod-likely because of illness, exhaustion, or injury-the iditarod trail committee amended its rules to state that mushers will be scratched or withdrawn from the event if one of their dogs dies, "unless the death was caused solely by unforeseeable, external forces." seaworld eliminated an additional 475 positions in the company, bringing the total to more than 1,100 eliminated in recent years. Its largest shareholder, zhonghong, had to sell off an island resort complex that was to be turned into a seaworld facility, and the marine park agreed to pay a proposed 4 million to settle allegations that it had violated federal securities laws. These events follow peta's dedicated campaign against the park, which this year included calling for an end to the breeding of all animals there and saw celebrities pnk, bella thorne, dulce mara, luisa mell, and james cromwell speak out after seven marine mammals, including three orcas, died in 2017. Other cruelty to animals at peta's urging, many of the largest mall management groups in the country, including cbl pr


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