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Pet Partner's mission is to improve human health and wellness through the human-animal bond. Pet Partners is the national leader in demonstrating and promoting positive human-animal interactions to improve the physical, emotional and psychological lives of those we serve. Our 13,000 volunteer therapy animal teams make visits across the nation, and interact with a wide variety of clients including veterans with PTSD, seniors living with Alzheimer's, students with literacy challenges, patients in recovery, people with intellectual disabilities, and those approaching end of life. Pet Partners teams help people become healthier and happier through incorporating animal assisted activities into their lives.


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December 2018
+14% Growth
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The human-animal bond is a relationship between people and animals that positively influences the health and well-being of both. Pet partners is the nation's largest and most prestigious nonprofit registering handlers of multiple species as volunteer teams providing animal-assisted interactions. With the highest caliber of curriculum in the industry, pet partners trains volunteers and evaluates them with their pets for visiting animal programs in hospitals, nursing homes, veterans' centers, hospice, alzheimer's facilities, courtrooms, schools, and other settings. We recognize that animals can influence not just our happiness, but also our health. Through our 15,000 volunteers we improve the health and well-being of over 1 million individuals each year.


Diana Kiriakides Board Chair
Michael Sapp Board Vice Chair
Stacey Neu Board Secretary
Lori Ware Board Treasurer
Teresa Starr Director of Finance
Erik Arnold Board Member
Chad Biagini Board Member
Reshma Bishnoi Board Member
Lisa Burby Board Member
Michael Castagna Board Member
Doris Daif Board Member
Cathy Enright Board Member
Matt Fenwick Board Member
Julia Geffner Board Member
Jim Hedington Board Member
Brad Kehm Board Member
Jeff Keune Board Member
Brett Lauter Board Member
Julie Lawless Board Member
Mike Mossholder Board Member
Michael Price Board Member
Jessica Roosli Board Member
Marc Scarduffa Board Member
Marcie Whichard Board Member
Ron Burns Board Member
Steve Heaps Board Member
Catherine Ann Peters President/ceo
Traci Pryor Senior Natl Dir,strategic Partnerships
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