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Incorporated in 1976, Pioneer Bible Translators bridges the gap between the church and the Bible-less peoples around the world. PBT teams around the world are ministering to 22 million people in 58 different language projects in 12 countries. During 2012, PBT personnel processed over 159,000 verses of Scripture from one stage of the translation process to the next. This includes rough drafts, exegetical check, comprehension check, peer check, consultant check, published, and revised. Numerous individual books of the Bible were published, along with other discipleship materials in local languages. Audio recordings in local languages were also produced.


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Bible translation, literacy, and related mobilization and discipleship activities - Pioneer Bible consists of 463 teammates worldwide ministering to 42 million people in 84 different language projects in 18 countries. During 2017, we increased the number of active language projects from 66 to 84, an increase of 27%. Thirteen new churches were reported and 44 discipleship study groups. We drafted 27,726 verses of Scripture, exegetically checked 28,644 and published 17,671 verses for the first time. During 2017, we took our first steps toward working on sign language translation worldwide by hiring our first deaf employee to lead our sign language efforts. One New Testament translation in Papua New Guinea was completed and another was dedicated. We finished the construction of two new office buildings at our headquarters in Dallas. Numerous portions were produced in a variety of languages. Finally, we note that in the 41 year history of Pioneer Bible, our teams have drafted about 710,000 verses of the Bible, the equivalent number of 89 New Testaments.



Recruiting new missionaries is key to the mission of Pioneer Bible Translators. The organization had 50 new recruits in 2017. PBT held 37 recruitment events at colleges, churches and other conferences around the U.S. Through those events, about 4,000 people became aware of the need for Bible Translation and the role PBT plays within this global need. About 81 of these are serious inquirers.Training - Training new and current missionaries is an integral part of Pioneer Bible's mission. In 2017, personal and professional coaching was provided to at least 115 individuals preparing for cross-cultural work. A ministry practicum and planning course was offered in both the fall and the spring, and weekly chapel services were conducted throughout the year. The following workshops and seminars were also provided, training over 145 people during the year: Discovery, Discovery Intensive (2), Partnership Development Bootcamp (2), Bush Mechanics and Electronics, Continuing Education Seminar, Primary Health Care (2), Finance Seminar, and the Parents of Missionaries Workshop. Ongoing training activities continued daily with new representatives and associates. There was also a focus on training children of missionaries, including a week-long summer programming teaching 52 children. Twenty missionaries completed training and began their first assingment.

Missionary Care


The Care department served the missionaries in numerous ways in 2017. There were dozens of re-entry contacts and pastoral care debriefs with returning missionaries. To provide encouragement and spiritual nurture, our Care Team served to be the catalyst of care. Over 3000 written contacts and hundreds of calls were made to this end. The Care Department provided leadership for several major events - 2 different Five-Day Prayer and Fasting events, Basic Care Training for 45 individuals, a Parents of Missionaries Seminar, Two Missionary Send-off Celebrations, and a Discovery Week Prayer Team. A Fasting and Prayer emphasis was continued through the year so that at least one person was fasting and praying each day of the year. The 24/7 prayer initiative was able to have at least one person in prayer every hour of every day. Daily prayer times and weekly chapel services also continued along with spiritual retreats held in many of our fields. Hundreds of hospitality meals and nights of lodging were provided for our missionaries around the globe. Team dynamics seminars were held for interns, teams preparing to go to the field, and for teams currently serving overseas. One full-time and 3 part-time counselors served the needs of people preparing for or serving in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. The Care department also facilitated a culture of care by encouraging several individuals and teams to travel to fields in order to provide spiritual nurture, encouragement, and direction to field missionaries. A strong emphasis was also placed on the care of about 40 teenage missionary kids as well as many younger children who are with their families in preparation or on the field.


David Butts Chairman
Mike Chambers Vice Chairman
Dick Jorgensen Treasurer, Board Member
Janet Hayes Secretary, Board Member
Jeff Wilhoit Executive Vice President
Jack Straus Chief Legal Officer
Clint Stringer Chief Financial Officer
Michael Scott Graves Personnel Officer
Rich Sheeley Mobilization & Development
Brad Willits Field Ministries Officer
Anthony Parker Global Partnerships Office
Pat Magness Board Member
Bridget Schnautz Board Member
Wes Whitley Board Member
Bill Bourland Board Member
Hank Daughtry Board Member
Tom Ewald Board Member
Doyle Jennings Board Member
Susan Jennings Board Member
Mike Armstrong Board Member
Greg Coldewey Board Member
Greg Pruett President, Board Member
Bryan Harrison Part Year Bd Member/branch Rep
Yancy Fariss Bd Member/branch Rep
Eunice Herchenroeder Bd Member/branch Rep
Kyle Von Rueden Part Year Bd Member/branch Rep
Yancey Yarick Bd Member/branch Rep
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