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Polar Bears International is a non-profit polar bear conservation organization. Their research, education, and action programs address the issues that are endangering polar bears. The organization also tracks the activity of polar bears, primarily in Canada, which has helped lead to the animals being listed as an endangered species. Their Chief Scientist is Steven Amstrup, who was awarded the Indianapolis Prize in 2012. In partnership with Google, polar bear habitats in Churchill were added to Google Maps in February 2014. PBI also worked with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to create education programs regarding polar bear conservation.

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December 2018
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PBI Education Programs are centered around the plight of the polar bear and the Arctic environment using the web, printed material, and direct education programs for youth to adults, and including the sale of education materials.


PBI Research in the Field (U.S., Norway, and Canada) involves sponsoring researchers doing basic research on population biology and changing environments. Research using captive animals in zoos involves questions of basic physiology and behavior.


Kevin Spreekmeester Chairman
John Kelleher Vice Chairman
Richard Beck CFO
Amy Romaine Secretary
Valerie Beck Director
Frederica Gamble Director
Patrick Keeley Director
Dani Reiss Director
Amana Manori Director
Robert Tapper Director
Krista Wright Executive Dir.
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