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Physicians for Social Responsibility is the largest physician-led organization in the US working to protect the public from the threats of nuclear proliferation, climate change, and environmental toxins.

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December 2019
+15% Growth
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Joint program services includes efforts to present psr messages on safe energy, global warming, nuclear weapons, and security policy online, publication of psr reports, and encouraging citizen action through public events and psr's electronic alert system. Also included here is the chapter development program that assists local psr chapters and student psr with programmatic and educational activities.


The environment and health program advocates for policies to avert climate change, generate a sustainable energy future, reduce carbon pollution, minimize toxic pollution of air, food and drinking water, and prevent human exposure to toxic substances. We provided the medical voice and scientific authority to communicate the urgency of addressing these threats to survival.


Psr's security program educates the medical and broader community about the need to improve national policy formulation and decision-making on nuclear weapons and technology matters. Psr articulates both the health threats and the threats to peace posed by nuclear weapons and presses for reduced u.s. Reliance on nuclear weapons in national security policy.


Psr's chapters carry out psr's mission and priorities at the local level. They work to gain support for psr priorities and legislative goals; promote psr's presence, programs, and priorities in the local medical community and in the community at large; actively recruit new psr members, support membership retention, and develop members into activists through mutual support and encouragement and through local outreach and organizing efforts. They mentor and support medical students and student chapters where possible.


Student psr (spsr) inspires medical students to participate in advocacy, activism, and engagement as an essential component of their training and professional life. By introducing medical students to activism, providing them with avenues of engagement, and giving them real-world experience, spsr prepares future generations of physicians to engage in issues of global importance.


John Rachow President
Lynn Ringenberg Md Faap Immediate Past President
Peter Wilk One Psr Committee Co-chair
Robert Gould Past President
Poune Saberi President-elect
Steven Gilbert Treasurer
W. Taylor Johnson Mfa Dl Director of Operations
James Baier Ms Health Student Representative
Johanna Congleton Director
Robert F. Dodge Director
David E. Drake Director
Harvey Fernbach Director
Alan S. Greenglass Director
Ira Helfand Director
Katie Huffling Rn Ms Cnm Director
Alan Lockwood Md Faan Director
Alfred C. Meyer Director
Michael Musharbash Ms Director
Karin Ringler Director
Todd Sack Director
Val Wangler Director
Elizabeth Wiley Director
Lauren Zaiac Director
Jeff Carter Executive Director
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