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American Public Gardens Association
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The American Public Gardens Association, formerly the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta, is an association of public-garden institutions and professionals primarily in the United States and Canada.

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February 2019
+14% Growth
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Meetings & conference - consists of the annual conference and regional meetings focusing on themes designed to promote an exchange of knowledge and information. 2017 annual conference hosted 694 participants.


Professional development seminars to increase the knowledge of public garden professionals. Conducted four symposiums attended by 336 participants.

Grant Programs


Plant collections network(formerly the napcc) - coordinates a continent- wide approach to plant germplasm preservation, and promotes excellence in plant collections management. Nationally accredited plant collections may serve as references for plant identification and cultivar registration. Collection holders make germplasm available for taxonomic studies, evaluation, breeding, and other research. Plant protection program - encompasses a variety of activities and resources that engage public gardens in forest health protection and plant conservation. The sentinel plant network (with over 220 member gardents across north america) offers scouting resources, diagnostic support and educational materials to help public gardens stop serious pests and diseases by working on the front lines of early detection and engaging community members as citizen scientists, and the plant heroes youth program provides innovative ways to educate young learners about the importance of plants and engage them in protecting forest health.


Sabina Carr Past Preside
Bill Lefevre President
Kara Newport Treasurer
Carmia Feldman Secretary
Mark Runciman Director
Shane Smith Director
Scott Lafleur Director
Jane O. Macleod Director
Grace Chapman Elton Director
Sharon Vanloon Director
M. Patrick Griffith Director
Ray Mims Director
Stephanie Jutila Director
Michael Dosmann Director
Nancy Kartes Director
Brian Vogt Vice Preside
Casey Sclar Executive Director
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