American Red Cross

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American National Red Cross
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Since its founding in 1881 by visionary leader Clara Barton, the American Red Cross has been the nation's premier emergency response organization. We bring shelter, food and comfort to those affected by disasters, large and small. We collect lifesaving donated blood and supply it to patients in need. We provide support to our men and women in military bases around the world, and to the families they leave behind. We train communities in CPR, first aid and other skills that save lives. And we assist our neighbors abroad with critical disaster response, preparedness and disease prevention efforts. We are able to do all this by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.


Annual Budget
June 2019
7% Loss
Program Spending
Fundraising Spending
Management Spending


Biomedical Services


See schedule o

Domestic Disaster Services


See schedule o


Health & safety services - see schedule o


International relief and development services


Community services


Services to the armed forces


See Schedule O for descriptions


Brian Rhoa Chief Financial Officer
David Meltzer Gen Counsel & Chief Intl Offcr
Jennifer Hawkins Corp Sec & Chief of Staff
Ajay Banga Board Member
Afsaneh Beschloss Board Member
Richard K. Davis Board Member
Joseph E. Madison Board Member
Bonnie Mcelveen-hunter Board Member
David A. Thomas Board Member
Tina M. Tyler Board Member
Jennifer Bailey Board Member
Enrique A. Conterno Board Member
Dennis M. Woodside Board Member
Herman E. Bulls Director
Kirt A. Walker Director
David A. Brandon Board Member
Steven H. Collis Board Member
Johnny C. Taylor Jr. Board Member
Gail Mcgovern President & CEO
Melissa Hurst Chief Human Resources Officer
Clifford Holtz Chief Operating Officer
Shaun Gilmore Chief Transformation Officer
James C. Hrouda President, Biomedical Services
Neal Litvack Chief Marketing Officer
Greg Williamson Chief Investment Officer
Don Herring Chief Development Officer
Sherri Brown President,humanitarian Service
Kathryn Waldman Svp, Quality & Reg Affairs
John Mcmaster President, Phss
Jane Western Senior Director Investment
Julio Delgado Analyst V, Investment
Margaret D'annunzio Senior Investment Manager
Source: IRS 990