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Founded in 1952, Resources for the Future (RFF) improves environmental and natural resource policymaking worldwide through objective social science research of the highest caliber. RFF conducts independent research - rooted primarily in economics and other social sciences - on environmental, energy, and natural resource issues. RFF has pioneered the application of economics as a tool to develop more effective policy about the use and conservation of natural resources. Its scholars continue to analyze critical issues concerning pollution control, energy and transportation policy, land and water use, hazardous waste, climate change, biodiversity, ecosystem management, and the environmental challenges of developing countries.


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September 2019
+3% Growth
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Rff's Research Effort Has Two Major Programs Focused On the Economics and Policy of


(i) Energy and Climate and (ii) Land, Water, and Nature.Energy and Climate Program focuses on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, advance a reliable and clean energy system, and ensure a healthy environment while balancing the need for economic growth.Land, Water, and Nature Program focuses on the management of key land, water, and marine resources that support a thriving economy and society, while ensuring healthy and productive natural systems and building resilience in a changing climate.

Academic Relations


Award small grants and fellowships to scholars from other institutions to advance the state of knowledge in the environmental and natural resource sciences.



Dissemination of research results in the form of discussion papers, resources magazine, rff website and other methods. Advance rff's reputation for independent research and non partisan policy through expanded communications efforts. Rff scholars help inform and shape public debate by issuing discussion papers, reports and publishing research findings in peer-reviewed journals, as well as working with reporters and appearing on television and radio.


Richard G. Newell President
Richard Schmalensee Chair
Linda J. Fisher Vice Chair
Laurel Lee Harvey Vp-dev & Corp Secretary (terminated 8/14/17)
Vicki A. Bailey Director
Anthony Bernhardt Director
Trudy Ann Cameron Director
C. Boyden Gray Director
David G. Hawkins Director
Peter R. Kagan Director
Sally Katzen Director
Ruben Kraiem Director
Elaine Dorward-king Director
Bob Litterman Director
Henry Schacht Director
James Asselstine Director
Daniel Esty Director
Wilhelm Merck Director
Robert N. Stavins Director
Sue Tierney Director
Mark R. Tercek Director
Terri O'brien Vp-finance & Admin
Alan J. Krupnick Senior Fellow
Raymond J. Kopp VP Energy and Climate
Karen Palmer Research Dir/snr Fellow
Dennis Burtraw Senior Fellow
Margaret Walls Interim Vp-land,water & Nature
Molly Macauley Former Vp-research & Snr Fellow
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