Responsible Recreation Foundation

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Stay the Trail Education & Stewardship Alliance
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Founded in 2017, Responsible Recreation Foundation is a recreation & sports nonprofit focused on fund raising & fund distribution. It is a relatively small organization, with $320k in revenue and 3 employees. Responsible Recreation Foundation is headquartered in Arvada, CO and its chairman is Matt Balazs as of December, 2019.



In 2017, RRF continued to offer off-highway vehicle (OHV) educational outreach programs over the season in a variety of ways. The Stay The Trail educational trailers were staffed by employees and volunteers, and operated state-wide to spread the message of responsible motorized recreation. Fourteen on-the-ground trail stewardship projects were planned, scheduled, and completed. 2017 also saw more updates of the website,, to a new user friendly, easier to update format. Social media interaction grew considerably. 62 events were staffed in 2017 resulting in the following exposure: Over 11,340 direct contacts. Estimated 490,885 + exposed to program through events. Estimated 5,284,064 exposed to program through mixed-media messaging. Over 15,000 miles traveled. 390 volunteer hours. 25 new events/areas visited this year. Billboards and print media were used to reach target audiences. 10 Static Billboards were up for 14 weeks along critical access routes with over 7 million impressions. 2 Mobile Billboards were moved 3-6 times annually to high-use OHV areas totaling 8.5 Total Gross Impressions. Over 10,000 educational brochures, kids books, maps, and posters were printed and widely distributed around the state to motorsports dealers, land management offices, welcome centers, and individuals, with many mailed to out-of-state requesters.


Bobby Johnson Secretary
Cory Moul Treasurer
Dan Krob Director
Todd Bunger Director
Mack Koepke Director
Matt Balazs Chairman
Source: IRS 990