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Road Scholar is an American not-for-profit organization that provides educational travel tours primarily geared to older adults. The organization is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. From its founding in 1975 until 2010, Road Scholar was known as Elderhostel.

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June 2019
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73,314 enrollees participated in Road Scholar's unique liberal arts educational programs in the United States and Canada (ranging in length from four days to three weeks). These programs provide a stimulating academic experience exploring the arts, literature, sciences, history, culture, and environment of North America. Some programs provide community service and others are designed to be multi-generational, allowing grandchildren, or adult children and their children, to attend. Room and board are included in the cost of United States and Canada programs.


30,591 enrollees participated in Road Scholar's educational programs held outside the United States and Canada (ranging in length from one to six weeks or more). These programs provide a stimulating academic experience introducing participants to the arts, history, literature, culture, architecture and natural environment of their locations. They are designed to further cross-cultural understanding by forging direct connections between participants and local residents, experts and lecturers. Community service and multi-generational programs are also offered. Room, board and in most cases airfare are included in the cost of programs held outside the United States.


11,692 enrollees participated in Road Scholar's Adventures Afloat programs (ranging in length from one week to four months). These programs are ship-based learning adventures that allow participants to experience the educational wonders of broad regions interconnected by the world's oceans and waterways. Experts and professors provide stimulating educational programs on board, which are enhanced by fieldtrips to experience the culture of local communities through related land components and lectures. Multi-generational programs are offered, and room and board are included in the cost, as is airfare for most programs outside the United States.


Nearly 9.8 million catalogs and smaller publications were produced and mailed to over 1 million households on Road Scholar's mailing list. Road Scholar's website, which provides program information, had 33.7 million page views from over 4.1 million unique visitors. In FY18, Road Scholar garnered nearly 1.4 billion media impressions through strategic public relations and advertising campaigns which included sponsorship of the NPR programs Morning Edition, Fresh Air, and All Things Considered. Our internet presence include search engine marketing and display marketing across the internet around our educational adventures.


Approximately 150 staff in eight offices in the United States, England and Australia/New Zealand worked with over 1,000 providers and vendors to develop, operate and oversee, and evaluate nearly 1,580 unique programs with over 5,000 departure dates.


Our 110-seat Participant Services Centers located in Massachusetts and Oregon handled over 402,000 inbound telephone calls and made approximately 80,000 outbound telephone calls to inquirers and enrollees that resulted in over 116,000 enrollment, cancellation, transfer and contribution transactions. The centers also processed nearly 62,000 emails, and answered over 44,000 web chats. In addition, the 25-seat Travel Services Centers located in Massachusetts and Vermont handled approximately 79,000 inbound telephone calls and made 36,000 outbound calls to participants who desired assistance in making their travel arrangements to Road Scholar programs.


Judith Allen Ferretti Chair & Director
Ralph Fuccillo Vice Chair & Director
Sandra M. Willen Vice Chair & Director
Sanford Belden Treasurer & Director
Lowell Partridge Ass't Treasurer & CFO
Stuart Burke Ass't Clerk & VP, Finance
Alexander Toth Clerk (thu June 2018) & Ass't Clerk (eff June 2018)
Rachel Louis Hamilton Clerk
Mary-linda Armacost Director
Robert Bowie Jr. Director
Robert E. Cowden Director
Ward William Dunn Jr. Director
Marla Felcher Director
Tracy Garland Director
Veronique Le Melle Director
Emily Mahlman Director
Sharon M. Matthews Director
George Moose Director
Paul Nelson Director
Jane Reardon Director
David G. Ross Director
Mary Vallier-kaplan Director
Kate Walker Director
James Moses President & CEO
Eric Bird Senior VP, IT & CIO
Joann Bell Senior VP, Programs
Kristin Moore Senior VP, Communications & Marketing
Peter Spiers Senior VP, Strategic Outreach
Mary Marks VP, Tuition Revenue Management
Mary C. Garcia VP, Product Contracting
Maeve Hartney VP, Programs Services
Robin Vann Ricca VP, Organizational Development & HR
John Mccarthy VP, Information Technology
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