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The mission of the San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB) is to fight hunger in southwest Texas through food distribution, programs, education, and advocacy. Founded in 1980, SAFB serves as a clearinghouse by receiving and storing truckloads of donated food, produce, and other grocery products. SAFB distributes these items in manageable quantities to approximately 400 service agencies that help people in need.


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June 2018
+11% Growth
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Food Assistance


San Antonio Food Bank partners with more than 500 human service agencies to provide assitance to 58,000 individuals every week throughout sixteen counties in Southwest Texas. our programs consist of the following:

1) Kids Cafes that provide hot after school meals to at risk youth.

2) Backpack Program - distributes ready to eat food to children for the weekend.

3) Summer Food Service Program - provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks for low income children during the summer.

4) Client services - assits familes with the applications for federal benefits (snap, chip, wic, medicaid, etc).

5) Nutrition, Health & Wellness - educates families on low cost, healthy food choices, wellness activities and gardening.

6) Community Garden - education of self-sustainability and production for distribution and farmers markets.

7) Farmers' Market - offers an assortment of fresh produce, organic products and open to vendors that want to participate. Accepts wic and snap benefits.

8) Community Kitchen - trains and empowers low income idividuals in culinary arts and feeds children, homeless and underserved populations in our community.

9) senior programs - delivers groceries to low income seniors.

10) Food Fairs/Mobility Pantry - mass distribution of food, outreach, and educational materials to low income families.

11) Fresh & Perishable (Retail Routes) - pick up retail products as well as prepared food and redistribute to partner agencies for distribution to clients.

12) Fresh produce program - cleaning produce from the field for distribution.

13) texas second chance program - warehouse and culinary rehabilitaion partnership with the texas department of criminal justice.

14) disaster releif - feeding those affected by disaster.


Donna C. Normandin Chair
Geoffrey Miller 1st Vice Chair
Jeff Schumacher 2nd Vice Chair
John L. Shank Treasurer
Susan Ruiz Secretary
Erika Borrego COO
Kevin Brown CFO
Michael Guerra CDO
Mario Obeldo CGO
Ken Allen Director
Kevin J. Bergner Director
Herman S. Crocket Director
Henry Feldman Director
John H. Hill Director
D. Skipper Nelson Director
Karen Pitcher Director
Bill Salomon Director
Dana Simmons Director
Jimmy Toubin Director
Todd Wright Director
Michael Ussery Director
Pamela Butt Director
Michael B. Fanning Director
Dr George Hilliard Director
Katie Lenss Director
Jeff Schmeck Director
Eric S. Cooper President/ceo
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