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St. Bernard Project (SBP) was founded in March 2006 by Zack Rosenburg and Liz McCartney after the couple, who originally lived in Washington, D.C., volunteered in Louisiana's St. Bernard Parish following Hurricane Katrina. The parish, located just outside of New Orleans, was rendered 100% uninhabitable by Katrina's floodwaters. Seeing the inefficiency and unbearably slow progress of the institutional - or “traditional” rebuilding process, but inspired by the residents' collective spirit and fierce determination to rebuild, Zack and Liz launched SBP to help them achieve their recovery goals. With the tremendous support of donors, volunteers and corporate partners, SBP has grown from a three-person volunteer team into a national organization, recognized as a leader in disaster resilience and recovery, whose mission is to shrink time between disaster and recovery.


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December 2019
+15% Growth
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Rebuilding Program


Rebuild homes for senior citizens, people with disabilities and families with children who cannot afford to have their homes rebuilt by contractors. The organization has currently rebuilt approximately 1,426 homes.

Opportunity Housing


Create affordable homeownership opportunities for residents targeted between 50% and 80%, but up to 120%, of annual median income, while rehabilitating blighted properties and strengthening neighborhoods.

Diaster Recovery Lab


Ensure that disaster-impacted citizens and communities recover in a prompt, efficient and predictable manner. Through Disaster Recovery Lab, St. Bernard Project works to share lessons learned, prevent common barriers to recovery and help communities utilize St. Bernard Project's standardized, repeatable and proven-effective model for recovery.


Jacqueline Alexander Board Secretary
John Solon Cpa Board Member
Elizabeth Mccartney Chief Operating Officer
Sutton Hibbert Chief Financial Officer
Reese May Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Elizabeth Egle Chief Development Officer
Mary Jones Board Member
Elie Khoury Board Member
Trevor Colhoun Board Member
Courtenay Laroche Board Member
M. Cleland Powell III Board Member
Francis Bouchard Board Chair
Peter Forlenza Board Member
Julie Tyson Board Member
Stefan Wilson Board Member
Ann Limberg Board Member
Keith Daly Board Member
Mike Goss Board Member
Scott Couvillon Board Member
Zack Rosenburg Chief Executive Officer
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