Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank

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Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank
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The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank is the largest independent hunger-relief organization in San Diego County, providing food to 370,000 people every month through more than 400 nonprofit partners and 200 direct distributions. The Food Bank's mission is to provide nutritious food to people in need, advocate for the hungry, and educate the public about hunger-related issues. As a very lean and efficient organization, 93 cents out of every dollar donated to the Food Bank goes directly to programs and services. Last year, the Food Bank distributed more than 28 million pounds of food - 34% was nutritious fresh fruits & vegetables. More than 20,000 volunteers work hard to sort, pack and distribute food, as well as assist with administrative projects and events.


Annual Budget
June 2018
+12% Growth
Program Spending
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The san diego food bank provides food and nonfood items to hunger relief charities throughout san diego county. Member agency program (map).


To provide food and nutrition education to eligible low-income pregnant women, women 12 months postpartum, breast-feeding mothers, children under 6 years of age and seniors over the age of 60. Commodity supplemental food program (csfp).


The emergency food assistance program (efap) is a federal program that provides monthly emergency and supplemental food packages to individuals and families who meet the income guidelines set by the federal government.


Harvey Berger Secretary
Bob Bolinger Chairman
Ahmed Haque Vice Chairman
James Floros President/ceo
Casey Castillo VP of Finance and Administ
David Bejarno Board Member
Corrine Brindley Board Member
Dana Alligood Board Member
Sergio Del Prado Board Member
Scott Heath Board Member
Jane Finley Board Member
Carlos Illingworth Board Member
Ed Mcguire Board Member
Chris Henn Board Member
Clarence Shelmon Board Member
Dr Mihir Max Parikh Board Member
Steve Rowles Board Member
Anthony Schwarz Board Member
Ray Patel Board Member
John David Wicker Board Member
Elizabeth Fitzsimons Board Member
Melissa Forrest Board Member
Kevin Mangan Board Member
Darrell Pilant Board Member
Jenna Watkinson Board Member
Sheldon Derezin Treasurer
Vanessa Moore Employee
Christopher Carter Employee
Source: IRS 990