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The mission of the Seattle Aquarium is Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment. To do so we must help citizens learn about the interconnectedness of human behavior, the ocean, and climate change. As our local population grows, we must all work to restore and preserve the spectacular beauty and health of Puget Sound. The Seattle Aquarium is uniquely positioned to help over 850,000 annual visitors, including over 40,000 students, each year understand and become aware of the impact they have on our marine environment.


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December 2018
+15% Growth
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Since opening on May 20, 1977, the seattle aquarium has been an integral part of the city and the region, providing a platform for entertainment, education and conservation. Visitors of all ages from near and far come to the seattle aquarium to see up close our charismatic collection of animals, including sea otters and octopuses, and to discover the wonders of our oceans. The aquarium has played host to nearly 28 million visitors, more than 850,000 visitors each year since 2015, and continues to inspire conservation of our marine environment.continued on schedule o


Bob C. Donegan Chairman
Randy J. Tinseth Immediate Past Chair
Neal Holland Treasurer
Erin J. Letey Secretary
Ryan Dean Dir. of Fin. & IT
Rick Johnson Dir. of Fin. & Admin. From 06/17
April Henderson Interim Dir. of Fin. & Admin.
Ted Ackerley Director
Jesus Aguirre Director
William C. Arntz Director
John C. Blackman Director
Kevin L. Blair Director
Andrew Bleiman Director
John R. Braden Director
Cary Clark Director
Ken Collins Director
Craig Davison Director
Patti Dill Director
William T. Einstein Director
Gary Kunis Director
Susan L. Gates Director
Philip M. Guess Director
James C. Gurke Director
Dan M. Guy III Director
Brian J. Hill Director
Wendy Jones Director
Stephanie Kornblum Director
Mark E. Kramer Director
Katherine A. Krogslund Director
Lisa Graumlich Director
Lisa Schafer Director
Lisa C. Luther Director
Dave Magee Director
Melissa Mager Director
Karissa A. Marker Director
Lisa Mccabe Director
Terry J. Mclaughlin Director
Natalya Leahy Director
Robert W. Power Director
Michael Purpura Director
Nathan Rauschenberg Director
Stuart T. Rolfe Director
Casey J. Schuchart Director
Christian Sinderman Director
Gary S. Smith Director
Gary T. Smith Director
Amy Sprangers Director
Eric Steinwinder Director
Michael Trzupek Director
Alex Washburn Director
Carla C. Wigen Director
Christopher Williams Director
George V. Willoughby Jr. Director
Robert W. Davidson President & CEO
Bradley Rutherford Chief Operations Officer
Rachael Weakland VP of Philanthropy
Marsha Savery Dir. Mktg, Memberhsip, Guest Impres
Chet J. Casson Director of Life Sciences
Veronica Smolen Director of Human Resources
Tim Kuniholm Dir. Public Affrs, Mktg, Evnt Mktg
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