Southeastern Virginia Areawide Model Program Inc

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Southeastern Virginia Areawide Model Program Inc
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Founded in 1972, Southeastern Virginia Areawide Model Program Inc is a recreation & sports nonprofit focused on recreation & sports n.e.c.. It is a mid-sized organization, with $7.5m in revenue and 118 employees. Southeastern Virginia Areawide Model Program Inc is headquartered in Norfolk, VA and its ceo & ex-officio is Stephen Zollos as of September, 2019.


Annual Budget
September 2019
+2% Growth
Program Spending
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Caregiver Services Funded By Title Iii-e of the Older Americans Act


The caregiver program helped seniors and their caregivers receive a variety of services. The services include: care coordination for 66 seniors for 140 hours; provided adult day care to 93 seniors for 44,256 hours; provided transportation to 24 individuals for 2,446 one way trips, information assistance and referrals to 299 seniors for 1,246 contacts: provided 8,057 hours of homemaker services to 47 seniors and provided 149 public information and education sessions for 6,208 caregivers.

Supportive Services Funded By Title Iii-b of the Older Americans Act


Provided the following services: legal services for 54 individuals for 189 hours; provided transportation to 1,219 individuals for 39,393 one way trips, information assistance and referrals to 5,583 individuals for 9,782 contacts, provided long term care coordinating and planning activities for 4,057 hours and provided public information and education for 160,429 contacts.

Congregate Meal Program Funded By Title C-1 of the Older Americans Act


Provided 51,820 meals in a social setting for 1,163 individuals


Home delivered meals funded by title c-2 of the older americans actprovided 107,363 meals delivered to the home of 683 individuals.


Services offered for a feeprovided the following services; provided 8,826 hours of in-home services to 129 seniors and transportation provided 9,626 rides.


All othersother program service areas include options counseling served 663 individuals with 2,043 contacts, elder abuse prevention help for 20 seniors, had 2,433 sessions in health promotion and disease management program; the medicare outreach program assisted 2,378 seniors enroll in medicare part d and had 86 senior companions serve 175 seniors with 64,652 hours of services, we provided 765 people with care transition to help stop readmissions.


Lynn Briley 2nd Vice President
Cathy Dalton President
Robert Lougen 1st Vice President
Evelyn C. Mccullough Treasurer
Lisa Turner Secretary
Brigid Miller CFO
Annie Alexander Board of Directors
Shernita Bethea Board of Directors
Keith W. Cannady Board of Directors
Herb Degroft Board of Directors
Teresa Gonzalvo Board of Directors
Lori Hasty Board of Directors
Dr Kasey Henderson Board of Directors
Robert Holt Board of Directors
Desiree Key Board of Directors
Kathy Mcvey Board of Directors
Terreque Paige Board of Directors
Dr Robert M. Palmer Board of Directors
Joice Whitehorn Board of Directors
Stephen Zollos CEO & Ex-officio
John Skirven Former CEO & Ex-officio
Source: IRS 990