Socially Responsible Agricultural Project

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Socially Responsible Agriculturalproject Inc
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Founded in 2007, Socially Responsible Agricultural Project is a human services nonprofit focused on research institutes & public policy analysis. It is a relatively small organization, with $1.7m in revenue and 14 employees. Socially Responsible Agricultural Project is headquartered in Golden, CO and its executive dir. is Terry Spence as of December, 2019.



In 2017, SRAP participated in and hosted a number of educational sessions and meetings throughout the year. The organization also held major events with regular attendance of over one hundred attendees and smaller community meetings in rural communities with 15-30 people in attendance. SRAP also hosted the second Factory Farm Summit in Ocean City, MD which drew over 150 community members. The organization had booths at major events including the Chicago's Good Food Fest and the annual Farm Aid concert in Burgettstown, PA where they provided thousands of people with educational materials. SRAP staff participated in over 30 high profile meetings held across the country, where topics ranged from rural food production to air and water pollution issues, as well as rural economic development.


Michele Merkel President
John Ikerd Treasurer
Nancy Utesch Secretary
Monica Brooks Director
Don Stull Director
Kendra Kimbirauskas CEO
Terry Spence Executive Dir.
Source: IRS 990