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StandWithUs is a non-profit pro-Israel education and advocacy organization based in Los Angeles. StandWithUs describes itself as an international, non-profit organization that believes that education is the road to peace. StandWithUs has an annual budget of about 9 million.

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Community support, educational materials and activities in the u.s.===================================================================the professionals at standwithus have found that the same pernicious anti-israel, antisemetic propoganda that is being promoted on campuses is also used in communities to achieve the same destructive goals to create animosity towards israel and its supporters and towards jews. The boycott movement against israel continues to menace well-meaning communities around the country and indeed, around the world. Churches and co-op markets and labor unions have become common targets and platforms for creating ill will against israel and its supporters, particularly jews. The same tools that standwithus is using on college campuses are also being used within communities. (see schedule o)standwithus has become increasingly engaged within the war for hearts and minds of people of all ages. Standwithus is there to support community members in a variety of ways, from funding events to producing publications on a variety of issues, to production of short fact sheets, to responding to anti-israel / antisemetic campaigns, to bringing relevant guest speakers, to hosting mini or large educational conferences, films, and more.standwithus has become the largest producer and distributor of well documented, colorful and engaging publications for campus and communities about israel and the jewish people used in colleges, synagogues, high schools and communities. Millions of copies of our materials have been distributed each year in multiple languages, and are available in hard copy, on the internet as well as mobile devices. We have also become significant leaders on social media, reaching millions of people each week.


Israel office=========misinformation about israel and jews have been promoted to young adults in countries around the world. Standwithus opened an office in israel in 2005 when we realized that we can educate visitors that come to israel. Our work has grown significantly from working to educate visiting students on birthright and other busses, to working with israeli college and high school students. Having a full functioning office in israel enables us to be a resource for materials, for speakers, programs, conferences, missions to israel, to social media and valuable videos produced in israel. (see schedule o)the resources provided by the israel office are all for the purpose of disseminating accurate information about israel and the jewish people to people of all faiths and ages around the world. We anticipate that this office and our many educational programs will continue to grow each year due to the high demand for our educational and inspirational services.the standwithus social media department which educates millions of people each week, is managed by our team in israel. With over 1.3 million fans on our english facebook pages, we are able to reach millions of people each week, often reaching millions each day. We also have facebook pages in other languages, including arabic, which is extremely dynamic and informative to the arab world, reaching one million each week. The educational videos we create and post on youtube, facebook and twitter have achieved millions of views annually.


Campus support and community activities in the u.s.===================================================standwithus has become a household word around the united states for people who want to educate their local communities about israel and fight antisemitism, whether it is on campuses or in their communities. All our offices have a similar approach. We have training, materials and speakers available for campuses, high schools, middle schools, churches, synagogues and community events. We regularly host large and small conferences and other forms of educational programs. (see schedule o)standwithus has been working on college campuses since its inception. This is because students across the country have reached out to the professionals at standwithus (since our early beginnings) and asked for help because they feel that israel and jews are being misrepresented far too often. Students have reported hate speech, and antisemitic, hateful campaigns being hosted on their campuses through speakers, professors and propagandists who create ill will on campus for israel and its supporters. Students and community members who want to educate their peers need the tools to do so. Standwithus provides guidance and will create materials as needed, to make sure that we challenge half-truths, lies and misinformation.standwith us has become an important resource for any student who wants to correct the flow of misinformation about israel and jews within their own campus community. Our annual emerson fellowship program enables students to take leadership roles on campuses across the us and canada, and most recently in the uk. We now have over 125 emerson fellows on campus each year, whom we support with pro-israel educational programs, materials, funding, and guidance initiatives for their campuses. Through our emerson fellows and other standwithus student leaders in the 2017-2018 academic year, we had over 100,000 students at 800 educational events on over 200 college campuses. We worked in partnership with other excellent organizations to fight the boycott movement and antisemitism against israel, jews and its multi-faith supporters.


High school===========we began our work in high school 7 years ago in order to be strategic and prepare teens for the challenges they are likely to face on their future college campuses. This program has extended to nearly 100 standwithus high school interns that study together for one year, and bring programs to their schools and youth groups. Selection is based on a student's leadership skills, track record, and professional references from teachers, principals, youth group and community leaders, and on the student's clear interest in and dedication to israel. The interns are supported with speakers, guidance, programs and funding. In 2018 the interns have hosted programs that were attended by over 90,000 students at their high schools, communities and youth groups. After they graduate our high school internship program, they are introduced to our campus professionals where they continue to have opportunities to remain engaged with standwithus as leaders on campus for israel education. We have tracked our graduates and over 50% have taken leadership roles on their campuses, with the rest involved in pro-israel commitees at their schools.


Legal department================standwithus is now able to provide assistance to students, faculty and community members who have been bullied by the "bds" (boycott) movement against israel. We now have over 170 pro-bono attorneys in our network. During the last year, the new standwithus legal department has successfully provided legal resources in over 200 incidents.


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Esther Renzer Board President
Steven Emerson Board Vice President
Marty Jannol Board Vice President
Bruce R. Lederman Board Vice President
Lawrence Post Board Vice President
Naty Saidoff Board Vice President
Barry Wolfe Board Treasurer
Adrienne P. Wienir Board Secretary
Jeremy Rothstein COO
Roberta Turitz Controller
Arthur Bilger Board Member
Dahlia Bilger Board Member
Haim Dayan Board Member
Helen Dayan Board Member
Rita Emerson Board Member
Moti Gur Board Member
Janice Hefter Board Member
Larry J. Hochberg Board Member
Alan Howard Dmd Board Member
Susan Jannol Board Member
Shmuel Katz Md Board Member
Andrew Kligerman Board Member
Dina Leeds Board Member
Fred Leeds Board Member
Barak Lurie Board Member
Alon Miller Board Member
Rosana Miller Board Member
Adam Milstein Board Member
Gila Milstein Board Member
Ron Plotkin Board Member
David Polak Board Member
Janet Polak Board Member
Barak Raviv Board Member
Sheri Ross Board Member
Susy Rubinstein Board Member
Debbie Saidoff Board Member
Janet Sasson Board Member
Faith Schames Board Member
Rhona Wacht Board Member
Howard Waldow Board Member
Sonya Waldow Board Member
Michael Wienir Md Board Member
Roz Rothstein CEO
Michael Dickson Director - Israel
Shahar Azani Executive Director
Gary Ratner Senior Executive
Avi Posnick Managing Director
Allison N. Krumholz Executive Director
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