Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis

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Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis
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The Saint Louis Chess Club is a chess venue, located in the Central West End, Saint Louis. Opened on July 17, 2008, it contains a tournament hall and a basement broadcast studio. Classes are held at the adjacent chess-themed Kingside Diner.

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Direct classroom program services: the primary activity of the saint louis chess club ("stlcc") is instructing students in the game of chess. The classroom activities occur in two (2) modes: first, at the stlcc campus at 4657 maryland avenue, st. Louis, mo and in participating "satellite classrooms" at various schools (k-12), universities and colleges, and community centers in the greater metro saint louis area ("participating schools").there are 10 full time instructors and 10 part-time instructors who teach at the campus. There are between one and five full-time instructors and between 20 and 40 part-time instructors who teach at the participating schools, depending on the time of year. Approximately, five hundred (500) students are enrolled in classes at the campus and there are more than six thousand (6,000) students who are enrolled in the participating school classes. Formal classes and textbooks are used in both educational activities of stlcc. In 2017 the student body was racially diverse.during 2017, stlcc hosted and organized more than 200 tournaments and 400 lectures, classes and special educational activities. Stlcc also organized nine instructional summer camps for local and non-local students, including camps for the very best student chess players from around the country.


Applied educational program services: stlcc hosts national and international championship-level chess competitions to make its students aware of how far each students' academic achievements could take him/her. Stlcc affords students the opportunity to see nationally and internationally recognized players compete with one another on an applied educational platform, i.e., chess strategy at championship levels. Stlcc leadership believes that national and international tournaments motivate its students to excel at learning chess so they too might someday compete for substantial cash prizes as well as achieve personal and intellectual recognition and validation.stlcc hosted the 2017 u.s. Championship, 2017 u.s. Women's championship, 2017 u.s. Junior championship and 2017 u.s. Girls' junior championship. The top 12 players in the u.s., the top 12 female players, the top 10 junior players and the top 10 female junior players competed for the titles of u.s. Champion, u.s. Women's champion, u.s. Junior champion and u.s. Girls' junior champion respectively, and other monetary and non-cash prizes.additionally, stlcc hosted the 2017 sinquefield cup, an international competition among 10 of the best players in the world. Hosting this event brought international attention to the club's mission.the stlcc hosted five other professional tournaments that provided 100 competitors from around the country an opportunity to earn internationally recognized titles. Such tournaments are rare in the united states.


Mike Lueken Secretary
James Voelker Treasurer
Anthony Rich Executive Director
Ed Baur Director
James Davies Director
Doug Eckert Director
Mike Podgursky Director
Rex Sinquefield President & Chairman
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