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St Louis Area Food Bank Inc
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The St. Louis Area Foodbank's mission is to build stronger communities by empowering people with food and hope. We gather and distribute over 43 million pounds of food each year to 500+ food pantries, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and community program partners throughout 14 counties in eastern Missouri and 12 counties in southwestern Illinois. We help the elderly, single-parent families, veterans and the working poor. Children comprise the largest segment of the population in need of food. Hunger does not discriminate. It affects poor and homeless people in urban and rural areas.


Food Distribution Program


The st. Louis area foodbank distributed over 43,000,000 pounds of food and household products through a network of approximately 500 member agencies (pantries, shelters, soup kitchens) located in 14 counties in southeastern missouri and 12 counties in southwestern illinois. 2018 distribution represented an increase of nearly 50,000 pounds over 2017. At least 392,700 (unduplicated) individuals benefitted; 123,308 of which are children. Distribution programs include:mobile markets: 913 mobile markets deliveries distributed 6,297,856 pounds of fresh produce to partner pantries, benefitting at least 91,300 familiesfood fairs: 23 one-day food fairs distributed 488,445 pounds in rural counties to 3,100 families.transitional housing: benefitted 542 individuals/and family moving from a shelter by providing them their first month of food and cleaning products.senior boxes: over 12,800 seniors received monthly food boxes filled with usda products designed to supplement one meal per day.


Timothy Reeves Chair
Mike Pugh Vice-chair
Eric Ralph Treasurer
Chris Wilkins Vice-chair
Amy Rodrigues Director
John Long Secretary
Andy Bartek Director
Cory Bricker Director
Anthony Clarkson Director
Maureen Bryan Director
Theresa Eckman Director
Steve Mcfadden Director
James Moore Director
Amanda Gioia Director
Stephanye Pitts Director
Edward Reith Director
Al Worthy Director
Verletta Cole VP of Development
Lenora Gooden VP of Product Sourcing
Frank Finnegan Former President and CEO
Matt Dace Former Senior Vice President
Benjamin Spirk Former VP of Finance
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