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Founded in 1998, Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation is a human services nonprofit focused on safety education. It is a mid-sized organization, with $12m in revenue and 18 employees. Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation is headquartered in Alexandria, VA and its president/ceo is Frank Peterson as of March, 2020.


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Consumer Engagement


The objective of RBFF's Consumer Engagement program is to increase participation in recreational boating and fishing by recruiting new audiences to the sport through a national marketing and communications campaign designed to increase awareness of fishing, boating and natural resource conservation; dispel negative stereotypes; and encourage consideration, trial and, ultimately, participation.Take Me Fishing is the brand that carries RBFF's messages and the appeal of boating and fishing to general market consumers. Across the Take Me Fishing website and also in ads, PSAs, TV, video, social media and events, the Take Me Fishing brand reaches and motivates millions of people to enjoy boating and fishing. See Schedule O

State Engagement


The objective of the State Engagement program is to grow the number of anglers and boaters by working in collaboration with state agencies to develop, implement and evaluate innovative recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3) activities. Share results and details of R3 efforts with all state agencies so that each individual agency can successfully implement these programs.Many state partners are following Recommendations and Strategic Tools for Effective Angler Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation, a new playbook for assessing and improving current R3 tactics and developing effective new ones. See Schedule O

Industry Engagement


The objective of the Industry Engagement program is to partner with industry manufacturers and retailers to develop and implement marketing projects designed to increase category growth through research and to develop consumer insights, knowledge and tools that the fishing and boating industries can use to grow their individual brands.Increased participation in boating and fishing is a bulwark against a changing consumer environment. The more boaters and anglers out there, the greater the demand for industry products. In FY18, RBFF's Take Me Fishing-branded R3 activities increased participation. RBFF also instituted initiatives to help industry partners themselves reach and engage new customers. See Schedule O


Jeff Marble Chairman
Jeff Kinsey Vice Chair
Maurice Bowen Secretary
Dan Chesky Treasurer
James Hemenway SVP - Finance & Admin
Stephanie Vatalaro VP - Communications
David Chanda VP - State Agency Engagement
Dale Barnes Director
Carl Blackwell Director
Craig Bonds Director
Diane Bristol Director
Lenora Clark Director
Ron Christofferson Director
Chris Edmonston Director
Barb Gigar Director
Bill Hyatt Director
Ken Hammond Director
Glenn Hughes Director
Joe Lewis Director
Ed Mahoney Director
Mac Mckeever Director
Mike Nussman Director
Jeff Pontius Director
Ron Regan Director
Lou Sandoval Director
Catherine Sparks Director
Joey Weller Director
Joel Wilkinson Director
Frank Peterson President/ceo
Stephanie Hussey State R3 Program Director
Maria Knight Director - Online Strategy
Source: IRS 990