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The Conservation Fund a Nonprofit Corporation
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At The Conservation Fund, we believe that conservation should work for America. By creating solutions that make environmental and economic sense, we are re-defining conservation to demonstrate its essential role in our future prosperity. We have the highest program allocation - putting 97% of our resources toward mission - and lowest fundraising costs in our field and continue to outperform for our efficiency and effectiveness. Since 1985 we have protected more than 7.5 million acres of land, working in all 50 states; we've preserved forests, deserts, parks, waterways and every type of landscape in between. From historic places that tell the story of America to helping communities grow smarter, greener cities, our work benefits all Americans.


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December 2018
29% Loss
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The fund works primarily with partners who have identified conservation priorities and request assistance to complete land transactions that create parks,community green space,and wildlife habitat. In addition to helping public partners save land,we work with interested private landowners to secure conservation easements on lands with high conservation value. The fund has a long history of adding value to its core conservation real estate work through the expertise and projects of its sustainable programs. These programs include our leadership in green infrastructure planning, training through the conservation leadership network, our work on food sustainability at the freshwater institute, and creating opportunities that preserve the rural landscape with our resourceful communities program.


Lawrence A. Selzer President & CEO
David K. Phillips Jr. Executive Vice President
Dean H. Cannon Executive VP & General COU
Richard L. Erdmann Executive Vice President
William Allen Vice President
Thomas Duffus Vice President
Robert Murphy Senior Vice President
Scott Tison Re Legal Manager
Matthew S. Sexton Senior VP
Michele J. Sager Vice President
Blaine T. Phillips Jr. Senior Vice President
Mark W. Elsbree Senior Vice President
Margaret Mccants Corporate Secretary
Joseph A. Hankins Vice President
Jodi R. O'day Vice President
Jena Meredith Vice President
Erik J. Meyers Vice President
Evan H. Smith Senior Vice President
Brian Dangler Vice President
Alisa Borland Vice President
Elizabeth Engle Deputy General Counsel
Marten Jenkins Ncif President
Gates Watson Vice President
Paul F. Hurt Deputy General Counsel
Kelly Reed Vice-president
R. Michael Leonard Chairman
John Winthrop Jr. Vice Chairman
Kay Kelley Arnold Director
Julie Barker Director
Charles R. Cherington Director
Luis De La Garza Director
Stephen A. Elbert Director
Paul E. Hagen Director
G. Wilson Hughes Director
James A. Joseph Director
Thruston B. Morton III Director
C. Porter Schutt III Director
Jay F. Wagley Director
James M. Whitehurst Director
Jill Thompson Director
Robert Bonnie Director
J. Storey Charbonnet Director
Todd A. Carter Director
John S. Gilbert Executive Vice President
Steven T. Summerfelt Director Aquasys Research
Michael R. Cox Controller
Patrick Noonan Chairman Emeritus
Chris Kelly Program Director
Brian Vinci Director Envir Eng Service
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