International Council on Clean Transportation

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International Council On Clean Transportation
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The International Council on Clean Transportation is an independent nonprofit organization incorporated under Section 501 of the US tax code. It provides technical and scientific analysis to environmental regulators.

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Annual Budget
December 2018
8% Loss
Program Spending
Fundraising Spending
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Passenger Vehicles


Dramatically increase the efficiency and cleanliness of passenger cars.

Clean Air


Reduce the impact of vehicle emissions on public health and the environment.

Heavy Duty Vehicles


Build the technical case for new standards for heavy duty vehicles.


Fatumata Kamakate Chief Program Officer
Kate Blumberg Senior Fellow/secretary
Dr Leonora Rojas Bracho Director
Christian Hochfeld Director
Gianni Lopez Director
Charlie Mcelwee Director
Margo Oge Director
Ann Marie Sastry Director
Dr Michael Wang Director
Dan Greenbaum Chair
Andrei Kodjak Executive Director
John German Senior Fellow
Anup Bandivadekar Program Director
Nicholas Lutsey Program Director
Dan Rutherford Program Director
Rachel Muncrief Program Lead
Cristiano Fracanha Program & Regional Lead
Source: IRS 990