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The Thomas Jefferson Foundation operates Monticello, the home of the Nation's third president and author of the American Declaration of Independence as a living memorial to Thomas Jefferson's life, interests, and ideals. Founded in 1923, the Foundation supports its dual mission of preservation and education. Its facilities now include the house and gardens; the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies, home to the Jefferson Library; a museum shop; and the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants. The Monticello Visitors Center houses a permanent exhibition, a theater, a second museum shop, and the Foundation's Department of Education.


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The Thomas Jefferson Foundation operates Monticello, the home of the Nation's third President and author of the American Declaration of Independence. Over 450,000 people visit Monticello annually. Admission includes an interpretive guided tour of his home, one of our Country's foremost architectural masterpieces and the only home in America named to the United Nations World Heritage list. In addition to admission revenue, the above total also includes gifts and grants, and sales from the retail operations of the museum shops, catalog, and online store. The revenue contributes to the preservation of Monticello for future generations, which is one of the missions of the Foundation. The Foundation's Restoration Department is dedicated to the architectural preservation of the United Nations World Heritage house while the curatorial collections are under the care of a full-time Curatorial Department.


The Thomas Jefferson Foundation operates the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies, which houses the Thomas Jefferson Library. The Center is also devoted to education of the general public as well as scholarly research and publication, through the Jefferson Library, archaeological research and publication, and other adult education programs. The robert h. smith international center for jefferson studies also is responsible for the research and publication of 23 volumes of research, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, embracing the period from Jefferson's retirement from the Presidency in March 1809 until his death in 1826, known as the "Retirement Series".


Donald A. King Jr. Chairman
Jon Meacham Vice Chairman
Libby H. O'connell Secretary
Ann H. Taylor Executive Vice President
Laura B. Terry Vice President & CFO
Melody Barnes Trustee
John H. Birdsall III Trustee
Dr Ld Britt Trustee
Jf Bryan Iv Trustee
Peter Coolidge Trustee
Harlan Crow Trustee
Ginger Huang Dietrich Trustee
Joseph Erdman Trustee
Molly Hardie Trustee
Fritz R. Kundrun Trustee
E. Charles Longley Jr. Trustee
Richard A. Mayo Trustee
Charlotte Moss Trustee
Sarah Perot Trustee
Pamela Reynolds Trustee
Gilbert P. Schafer III Trustee
Michelle Smith Trustee
Leslie Greene Bowman President
Gary L. Sandling Vice President of Visitor Serv
Andrew J. O'shaughnessy Vice President & Saunders Director
John J. Looney Editor, Thomas Jefferson Paper
Joshua J. Scott Director of Development
Sharon L. Mcelroy Director of Retail Sales
Susan Stein Vice President of Museum Prog
Mary Blair Zakaib Director of Engagement
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