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The United Nations Foundation (UN Foundation) was created in 1998 with entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner's historic $1 billion gift to support UN causes and activities. We are an advocate for the UN and a platform for connecting people, ideas and resources to help the United Nations solve global problems. We help the UN take its best work and ideas to scale - through advocacy, partnerships, constituency building and fund raising. The UN Foundation, through our sister organization, the Better World Campaign, advocates in support of a strong, effective and fully funded United Nations. A strong UN is the world's most effective voice for international cooperation on behalf of peace, development, human rights and the environment.


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Children's Health


The united nations foundation's children's health program assists the united nations in its efforts to ensure that all children have the means and the opportunity to develop to their full potential. The united nations foundation's major priorities are decreasing childhood mortality through community-based programs and utilizing public-private partnerships to strengthen the public health infrastructure to control infectious diseases such as polio, measles and malaria. Together with key united nations agencies such as the world health organization, unicef and private sector partners such as rotary international, nba cares and the people of the united methodist church, the united nations foundation has helped establish the measles initiative, nothing but nets and the rotary-polio buy down initiative. The united nations foundation's malaria partnership works to prevent malaria deaths in africa.

Climate Change, Energy & Sustainable Development


The united nations foundation's climate and energy program works with the united nations to help lead the world's transition toward a climate-friendly energy economy. It serves as a nonpartisan forum, and convenes coalitions of leading thinkers and actors to seize opportunities and address challenges posed by this transformation. The united nations foundations sustainable development efforts are undertaken in close collaboration with the united nations educational, scientific, and cultural organization (unesco) world heritage centre. The united nations foundation's efforts are aimed at supporting and promoting the management and conservation of natural world heritage sites and promotion of sustainable tourism practices.

Women and Population


The united nations foundation's women and population program works with the united nations and civil society to support achievement of universal access to reproductive health services and supplies -- the central goal established at the united nations international conference on population and development (icpd), adopted in 1994. To advance this goal, the united nations foundation's women and population program is involved in: supporting and strengthening united nations agencies; advancing the educational, economic and social services and opportunities available to adolescent girls; ensuring availability of reproductive health supplies; and advocating for empirically-based strategies that address the challenges posed by demographic change and insufficient availability of reproductive health and rights around the world.


Re Turner Chairman
Gro Harlem Brundtland Director & Vice Chair
Timothy E. Wirth Vice Chair & Senior Counselor
Rutherford Seydel Secretary
Richard Parnell COO
Elizabeth Cousens Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Hm Queen Rania Al-abdullah Director
Kofi Annan Director
Fabio C. Barbosa Director
Igor S. Ivanov Director
Nr Narayana Murthy Director
Hisashi Owada Director
Yuan Ming Director
Muhammad Yunus Director
Hans Vestberg Director
Valerie Amos Director
Julio Frenk Director
Kathryn Calvin Walters President & CEO
Radha Muthiah Executive Director
Andrew Axelrod Vice President
Susan Myers Vice President
Katherine Wilson Chief Executive Officer, Dial
Walter Cortes Chief Financial Officer
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