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The University of Rochester frequently referred to as Rochester, is a private, nonsectarian, research university in Rochester, New York. The university grants undergraduate and graduate degrees, including doctoral and professional degrees. In its history, six university alumni, two faculty, and one senior research associate at Strong Memorial Hospital have been awarded a Nobel Prize; 32 faculty serve in the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; 12 alumni and faculty members have won a Pulitzer Prize, and 20 faculty members have been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship.

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Educational Activities


The university is comprised of six schools offering programs from undergraduate to post-doctoral degrees. These are the school of arts and sciences, the hajim school of engineering, the warner school of education and human development, eastman school of music, simon graduate school of business administration, school of nursing, and school of medicine and dentistry. There are also a number of important centers of academic excellence, for example, the institute of optics, the laboratory for laser energetics, the wilmot cancer center, and the flaum eye institute. The full-time faculty of the school of medicine and dentistry provide clinical services as part of the academic medical program; this activity occurs 100 percent within the medical school and is internally organized and supervised as urmfg or university of rochester medical faculty group. There are 1,294 full-time tenured faculty members and 11,119 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the university. The university has always placed financial aid for its students among its highest priorities. Scholarships cover a portion of the cost of attending the university of rochester. The university is committed to offering the highest quality education to its students, regardless of their economic circumstances or background. For example, the university has a program to expand higher education opportunities for students from the rochester city school district (rcsd), a district with one of the highest poverty and school dropout rates in new york state. The university provides $25,000 per year for four years to every graduate of the school district who is admitted to the university's college of arts, sciences and engineering; this is equivalent to an award of $100,000 for each student.through the endowment, the university perpetuates and enhances its educational, research, clinical care programs and public service missions. This commitment requires an endowment payout of 5.7 percent calculated on a rolling five-year average of the endowment's market value. The university's endowment consists largely of individual funds thanks to the generosity of charitable donors. The donors of these gifts often specify and restrict the purposes for which the income may be spent to ensure long-term benefits.

Sponsored Research Activities


The university is a center for programs of research. Much of the research is funded in substantial part by private and governmental agencies. Research is undertaken in the public's interest and all results are available to the public. During the 2017-2018 fiscal year, there were 4,011 grants and contracts in effect that totaled $303,770,585 in revenue.

Services of Hospital and Clinics


The university of rochester (the "university"), to support the teaching and research missions of its school of medicine and dentistry and its school of nursing, operates a tertiary care, teaching hospital, that provides health care services through its inpatient, outpatient and emergency facilities. The medical staff of the hospital is the faculty of the school of medicine and dentistry. The academic department chairs also function as the department heads of the medical services in the hospital. There are extensive intern and resident programs. The hospital provides care regardless of the patient's ability to pay for services. During the 2017-2018 fiscal year, there were 298,987 total inpatient days and 1,658,712 emergency and clinical visits. In addition to being a teaching facility, the hospital operates in a charitable manner consistent with the requirements of internal revenue code section 501(c)(3) and the "community benefit standard" of irs revenue ruling 69-545. In this regard, the governing body of the organization is composed of prominent citizens in the community. Medical staff privileges in the hospital are available to all qualified physicians in the area who also can qualify as full or part-time faculty of the school of medicine and dentistry; the hospital maintains a full-time emergency room open to all regardless of ability to pay; the hospital provides care to needy members of its community with its charity care policy regardless of their ability to pay for services and admits as patients those able to pay for care, either themselves or through third-party payers such as private health insurance or government programs such as medicare and medicaid. The hospital's excess funds are generally applied to expansion and replacement of existing facilities and equipment, medical research, amortization of indebtedness, improvements in patient care, community benefit activities and charity care.

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