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University Settlement Society of New York
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The University Settlement Society of New York is an American organization which provides educational and social services to immigrants and low-income families, located at 184 Eldridge Street on the Lower East Side of the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York.

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Childcare programsuniversity settlement has an extensive track record for providing strengths-based services to low-income children and families. The settlements comprehensive approach to child and family services is based on creating trusting relationships with families to provide them with the necessary tools and skills to support their children's development. Childcare programs include early head start, two early childhood centers (the early childhood center and children's corner),and family child care. Family enrichment home visiting programs promote parent-child bonding and healthy child development. The butterflies program provides mental health services for young children and their families. We also provide individualized services for children under age three with developmental delays and disabilities through our early intervention program. All programs engage children in a rich curriculum that nurtures their intellectual, social and emotional development. Additionally,the agency engages parents through home visits, center-based classroom sessions, support groups, workshops, educational/job training and policy council meetings, enabling them to gain the skills and knowledge to support their children's development and help them reach their full potential.


Youth programsuniversity settlement's youth after school programs stress literacy and reading, blending these activities with homework help, targeted academic and personal support, leadership development and community service opportunities, and creative experiences such as field trips, arts and recreation. After school programs are offered in both school-based and community-based settings. Parents are fully integrated into the programs to support their crucial role in their childrens educational and personal development. During the summers, university settlement runs structured day camp programs for children and youth, with a major focus on literacy and field trips. Additionally, university settlement's talent search program provides college access and retention services, including individual and group counseling, workshops, assistance with college applications and financial aid forms, college fairs, guest speakers, and college visits for young people interested in pursuing post-secondary education.


Family services and counseling programsuniversity settlement has a wide range of family services and counseling programs. Family services include comprehensive eviction prevention and case management, adult literacy services, a public performance series and arts education, arts in healthcare,a broad range of services for seniors, and two community centers that offer a range of health, educational and recreational opportunities.the hub of the settlement's mental health and counseling programs is its consultation center, a state-licensed mental health clinic, which offers cognitive behavioral therapy, conjoint and marital therapy, medication management, and psychiatric evaluation and consultation on-site. The organization also has mental health programs for youth and children, including children's blended case management and the home based crisis intervention program, which are offered in clients' homes.


Benjamin Schall Co-chair
Alan Winters Co-chair
Ronni C. Fisher Vice President for Programs
Renee Eubanks Secretary/vice President for Programs
Ian Zilla Treasurer
Eric W. Weingartner Chief Executive Officer
Irma Gonzalez Chief Fiscal Officer
Sharon R. Egilinsky Director
Steven M. Schall Director
Thomas Morgan Director
Brooke Pederson Director
Clayton Pope Director
Ck Zheng Director
David E. Shapiro Director
Emma Bloch Director
Frederick Nadd-aubert Director
Hale Gurland Director
Harly Stevens Director
Heather Weston Director
James Finkel Director
James Friedlich Director
James G. Kagen Director
Jeffrey A. Silver Director
Kimberley Wong Director
Marc N. Debevoise Director
Marsha Cole Director
Sarah Britton Director
Melissa E. Aase Executive Director
Feng Liu Medical Director
Laura Timme Associate Executive Director
Sheila Matlin Director of Human Resources
Monique Flores Senior Program Director
Virginia Dotson Managing Director of Information Systems
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