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Upenn International
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Founded in 2011, Upenn International is an education nonprofit focused on management & technical assistance. Upenn International is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA and its director & president is Wendell E. Pritchett as of June, 2019.


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June 2018
10% Loss
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Upenn international ("upi") acts to support the charitable, educational, and scientific purposes of the trustees of the university of pennsylvania ("university"). The university is a pennsylvania corporation exempt from federal income tax under internal revenue code ("irc") section 501(a) by reason of being described in irc section 501(c)(3). The university is the sole member of upi. Upi supports the activities of the university by assisting with all aspects of the university's international programs and activities. Such activities include the coordination of educational programs and activities conducted outside of the united states. The activities of upi promote the university's exempt purpose of providing high quality education to a broad-based student body by assisting with the education of a diverse student population and also by providing university professors with short-term foreign teaching assignments which can lead to increased knowledge, experiences, and world views that can be taken back to the university's u.s. Classrooms.


Maryfrancis Mccourt Treasurer
Craig R. Carnaroli Director
Gregory S. Rost Director
Wendy S. White Director
Roman Petyk Secretary
Wendell E. Pritchett Director & President
Vincent Price Former Director & President
Source: IRS 990