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The Urban Land Institute, or ULI, is a nonprofit research and education organization with offices in Washington, D.C., Hong Kong, London, and Frankfurt. Its stated mission is "to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide". ULI advocates progressive development, conducting research, and education in topics such as sustainability, smart growth, compact development, place making, and workforce housing.

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District and National Councils


District councils deliver the uli mission domestically at the local level. They engage local members through developing various uli priority programs, hosting educational forums, and convening events such as special initiative conferences keyed to the release of publications like emerging trends in real estate and the annual infrastructure report. By conducting community outreach programs and providing industry expertise to community leaders, district councils focus on opportunities to foster collaboration locally and build healthy, sustainable communities.national councils provide an opportunity to influence local land use policy internationally by facilitating the exchange of knowledge between industry experts and community leaders. Our national councils do this through educational forums and events such as conferences, project tours, and community outreach programs. In the uli spirit of offering an unbiased and nonpartisan exchange on issues affecting the industry, national councils provide the avenues for active dialogues among private industry, environmental organizations, and public agencies to help provide solutions to local and regional issues.the activities recorded here are the activities performed directly by the district/national councils, which are accounted for on an individual council basis separately within uli, as well as the costs incurred by uli at the national level to support the district/national council program. The majority of the costs at the national level are for program and logistical support as well as community outreach efforts in the areas of regional cooperation, urban revitalization, and educating high school students on land use and development issues.



The institute sponsors two significant domestic, multi-day meetings each year that bring together industry leaders from a variety of disciplines. The spring meeting is open to members only; the fall meeting is open to non-members and typically draws in excess of 5,000 attendees including developers, investors, architects, planners, brokers, attorneys and government officials. In addition to its spring and fall meetings, uli emea and uli asia host large, annual conferences in cities within their respective regions.



The institute delivers content to its members and the community at large through a number of funded centers and initiatives:the uli terwilliger center for workforce housing conducts research, performs analysis, provides expert advice, and develops best practice recommendations that reflect the residential land use and development priorities of uli members in all residential product types, with special attention to workforce and affordable housing. The center integrates uli's wide-ranging housing activities into a program of work that furthers the development of mixed-income communities with a range of housing options.the uli/daniel rose center for public leadership in land use was established in 2009. Its mission is to empower leaders in the public sector to envision, build and sustain successful 21st century communities by providing access to information, best practices, peer networks and other resources to foster creative, efficient and sustainable land use practices. In June 2015 uli signed an agreement to transfer the operations of the rose center to the national league of cities while remaining an active participant.the uli center for capital markets and real estate was founded in 2009 with a mission to promote understanding of the real estate capital markets and provide leadership in fostering a healthy and productive real estate capital markets sector. Uli currently is engaged in real estate finance and capital market activities and programs across the organization, and the center is integrally involved in developing, guiding, and/or showcasing both ongoing and new programs.the uli center for sustainability and economic performance is dedicated to creating healthy, resilient, and high performance communities around the world. Through the work of its greenprint and urban resilience programs, the center provides leadership and support to land use professionals to invest in energy performance and portfolio resilience while reducing risks due to a changing climate. In 2014, uli's board decided to create the new center for sustainability and economic performance as a logical transition from the organization's previous work under the climate, land use, and energy (clue) program. The new center builds upon the work of clue and broadens its scope to address adaptation as well as mitigation.the uli greenprint center is a catalyst for change, taking meaningful, immediate and measurable actions to generate real estate solutions that improve the environment through energy efficiency while demonstrating the correlation with increased property values. Greenprint focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of existing buildings, which currently represent one-third of global carbon emissions, and works to achieve its carbon reduction goals through education and action. The center uses the collective power of its membership to lead by example in lowering carbon emissions by exploring and implementing energy-reducing technologies, sharing their performance results with the public through the greenprint performance report, tm.the robert c. Larson leadership initiative enables uli to add leadership development activities to its program of work and extend the institute's reach to many more current and potential leaders. The initiative also supports the work of the uli women's leadership initiative whose mission is to raise the visibility and number of women leaders in uli and the real estate industry.uli's urban resilience program provides uli members, the public, and communities across the united states with information on how to be more resilient in the face of climate change and other environmental vulnerabilities. The program seeks to provide technical assistance, advance knowledge, and catalyze adoption of transformative market practices and policies. Through advisory services, research, convenings, and support of district council projects, the urban resilience program seeks to enhance community resilience with a focus on the built environment, real estate markets, and the land use policy sector.the uli building healthy places initiative is a multifaceted programincluding research and publications, convenings, and advisory activitiesto leverage the power of the institute's global networks to shape projects and places in ways that improve the health of people and communities.



Uli offers a number of opportunities for membership depending on an individual's specific interest, including: associate, full, full under 35, and corporate with further distinctions for private versus public and domestic versus international membership. Each program provides the member with a specific basket of benefits. Membership development expenses relate to membership recruitment and retention efforts, as well as order processing and full member admissions activities.

Publishing/urban Land Magazine


Through its original research and the research of its members, the institute publishes books, pamphlets and case studies on a variety of industry topics relevant to its members. Publications are offered in print bound format, pdf as well as epub. Publications are managed through a third party fulfillment company. The institute's flagship periodical and a significant membership benefit, urban land magazine promotes the institute's vision and mission by reporting on land use policy and real estate practice, industry sector updates, capital markets and market trends, sustainability, and planning and design. The magazine is offered free with membership and is available both in print and online.

Product Councils


Product councils provide a dedicated forum for information exchange on the state-of-the-art of a variety of specific industry sectors. Membership is limited to full members and is by appointment only. The institute currently has 54 domestic and 7 global councils focused on 25 areas of activity, including affordable/workforce housing, community development, office development, senior housing, transit-oriented development, urban revitalization among many others.

Professional Development


Uli's professional development program delivers practical instruction for land use and real estate professionals at all levels from experienced practitioners and researchers. Reflecting the diverse professionals that comprise the uli membership, the program is designed to serve professionals across disciplines through online courses, real estate instruction programs, real estate entrepreneur programs, and the pro forma fundamentals certificate.

Advisory Services


Advisory services panels provide local governments, private developers, community development corporations, and many other organizations with advisory reports to address the most challenging real estate and land use issues facing communities today. In providing advisory services, uli convenes a panel of industry leaders from its diverse membership, including developers, planners, financiers, market analysts, designers, economists, architects, and public officials, to provide practical and objective advice that is not available from any other source.



This function includes all uli internal and external communications programs, such as the annual report, e-news service, media relations, branding, and corporate communications.



Uli has set the standard in recognizing outstanding real estate development projects, related programs, and visionaries in urban development. Uli's awards programs are highly selective and provide a prestigious reference for professionals involved in the built environment. Winners and finalists benefit from worldwide recognition among influential leaders in fields related to real estate and urban development. Awards include: the awards for excellence program, the uli j.c. Nichols prize for visionaries in urban development, the uli gerald d. Hines student urban design competition and the uli amanda burden urban open space award.

Contribution To Ulif


Ulif transfers 100% of the funds raised through the annual fund program to uli to support ongoing uli programs. In return, uli adds to its annual budget all ulif operating expenses through the form of a contribution to ulif.

Key Leaders


The key leaders program is designed to increase the participation of its most senior-level members in leadership, volunteering and mentorship opportunities across the institute. The program will work with approximately 600 members, including uli foundation governors, current governing trustees and former trustees.


Tom Toomey Global Chairman
Jack Chandler Treasurer
Jonathan Brinsden Secretary
Patrick L. Phillips Global CEO
Cheryl G. Cummins Global Governance Officer
Michael J. Terseck CFO
Adam Smolyar Cmmo
John P. Fitzgerald CEO Asia
Lisette Van Doorn CEO Emea
Ralph Boyd CEO Americas
Patricia Healy Member
Jon Zehner Member
Nh Seek Member
Ian Hawksworth Member
Richard Price Member
Mary Ludgin Member
Connie Moore Member
Peter Ballon Member
Lynn Thurber Member
Jurgen Fenk Member
Francois Trausch Member
Randy Rowe Past Chairman
Steve Quazzo Foundation Chairman
Edward Walter Global CEO Since 06/2018
Mary Beth Corrigan Evp-convenings
Lori G. Hatcher Svp-mship/market
Steve Ridd EVP Global Business Operat
Stephanie Wasser Svp-councils
Stockton Williams EVP Content
Tom Murphy Senior Fellow
Dean Schwanke SVP Publications
Helen Gurfel Executive Director
Felix Ciampa District Council Executive
Jeanne Myerson Former CEO Americas
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